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Mahabharat 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,draupadi asking duryodhan to stop this fight as he will also have to face a worst death she assures that if he quits this fight she will save duryodhan from dieing she warns him that he will die as mahabharat will soon come to an end.duryoss father gets to know that dhushasan is dead and starts weeping.draupadi is seen taking bath with milk kunti washes her hair and asks her to wear the crown she removed but she decides to wear it in sabha where she has removed it.
Gandhari asks mahamahim togive some solution to save her son mahamahim tells her that all shakti is in her body and she will find the way on her own . duryodhan is seen crying near dushasans dead body mamashree asks him to be more strong to fight karn asks duryodhan to be strong to fight and not fear of losing

this battle, duryodhan cries and tells i cant give him funeral until i place atleast one of the pandavas beside my brother dushasan n if this dosent happen let the birds eat him but will not burn dushasans body.Mamashri shalya speaks bad abt dushasan , mamashri shalya says u cant duryodhan u are coward u jst make arrangements n step back but have no guts to fight, duryodhan rushes to kill shalya mamashri shakuni says stop his bad words have given me n idea n turns to shalya n says thanku for giving us idea.
Krishna goes to arjun n says tomorrow by true means u will face karna as competition , tomorrows war will declare the true greatest warrior, arjun says i wont lose, Krishna says don’t forget karna has stepped the warfield jst to kill u n his every arrow will be for n his death will not be so easy, arjun says n i have stepped as dron student for the establishment of dharma ur guidance will surely help me n this competition will have no false n traps, Krishna says traps n false have bcome a rule of this war now, arjun says no plz i have always heard karna saying he never received equal opportunities so i would like to give him one now so plz promise me u shall make no arrangements for the reason of saving me , Krishna smiles n says as u say friend .
Mamashri shakuni calls nagraj,karna says its against rules to call nag(snake), duryodhan says pandavas have broken all the rules n so we will also do so, remember dushasans every scream his pain , my dearest brother dushasan was killed with great pain, they had also taken evil force ghatotkachs help n so will we take nagrajs help, karna says but ghatotkach was bheems son, duryodhan n mamashri says they see nothing as fair n unfair now after dushasans death, nagraj appears in front of them.

Karna says kunti mata is nknown as mother of five n at the end of this war this truth will remain a truth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hey Mahabharat will be over on 10 August 2014 i ll really miss it and especially sweetu shaheer sheikho

  2. Hey Mahabharat will be over on 10 August 2014 i ll really miss it and especially sweetu shaheer sheikh

  3. where is 28th July episode…

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