Mahabharat 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 26th February 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Bhishma promising Dhritrashta that he will stay as his servant in Hastinapur as long as he remains on the throne. Dhritrashta is happy hearing these words, but Bhishma tells him that he must crown Yudhishtir as King and give the Pandavas a chance to be happy.
Dhrit looks annoyed but changes his expression quickly and agrees. Bhishma leads Dhrit to the throne and stands with his hands folded in front of him. (A really powerful scene…the one who was born and brought up to be King bowing in front of one who was never fit in mind or body to sit on the throne)

Outside the palace the common citizens are discussing the partition of the kingdom. One citizen says he will leave Hastinapur and follow the Pandavas to their new city.

Inside the Hastinapur sabha,

Yudhishtir’s rajyabhishek is about to begin. The Pandavas and Draupadi arrive in the court.
Shakuni quietly asks Duryodhan why he isn’t looking happy. Duryodhan says how can he be happy that this old man (Bhishma) has made Yudhishtir a King today. Shakuni says I never told you to BE happy, but you must show happiness as a pretence.

Vidhur tells Yudhishtir to present his claim before the King. Duryodhan tells Shakuni that he will break peace and attack the Pandavas if they are given a city near the banks of the Ganga. Shakuni tells him to stay quiet and reminds him that those who walk on the path of dharma can have adharm done to them easily.

Yudhishtir respectfully bows to Dhritrashta and asks permission to have his coronation done. Dhrit grants permission but says that Yudhishtir must tell him which part of Kuru nation he wants as his. Dhrit says you can ask for any part of the Kuru lands, apart from Hastinapur. Yudhishtir says he would rather build his lands with hard work, rather than be given something for nothing. He says that he and his brothers would like to build a new city in Khandavprashta.
Shakuni and Duryodhan are happy hearing this. Bhishma is worried and tells Yudhishtir that he doesn’t know the truth about Khandavprashta, but Yudhi assures him. He says he knows about Indra’s curse on the land, that is why the land has dried up. Bhishma says that they won’t be able to build a new city as there are serpents in the jungles and they are very poisonous. Bhishma tells him of their leader, Takshak.
Yudhishtir says that with Bhishma’s blessings they will be able to overcome these obstacles, but Bhishma tells him he is being foolish. Bhishma tells Dhrit that he has chosen some areas which make up half of the Kuru lands, and that these should be given to the Pandavas.
Dhrit says this is impossible as Yudhishtir has already decided what land he wants, so his decision must be respected.
Dhrit offers Yudhishtir 100,000 gold coins and 100,000 cows for pooja in the new city and says that whoever wants to leave Hastinapur and go to Khandavprastha is welcome to do so. Dhrit announces Yudhishtir as the independent King of Khandavprastha.

Dhritrahsta reminds Yudhishtir of the Aryavrat tradition, that you are not accepted as an independent and powerful King until 100 or more Kings have accepted you as their leader. Until this happens you cannot have your own flag in your kingdom and all of your promises as King will be made in the name of Hastinapur.
Finally Dhrit asks Kripacharya to perform the abhishek of Yudhishtir. Milk and fake lotus ceremony happens (you know the drill, we’ve seen it so many times)
Yudhishtir goes to Dhritrashta to get crowned.

Shakuni tells Duryodhan to see what plans he has organised for his protection. Dhrit tells Yudhi that his kingdom is independent of Hastinpur and that he is sure that Yudhi will never have his eye on any part of Hastinpur.
Yudhishtir promises, saying that he will always remember that his family members live here. Dhritrashta says that your mother Kunti will also remain here.
Pandavas, Draupadi and Kunti are shocked hearing this.

Precap: Pandavas and Draupadi are leaving Hastinapur. Arjun asks Bhishma why he isn’t coming with them.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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