Mahabharat 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 25th October 2013 Written Update

Satyavati goes to the banks of Ganga , pleads with Ganga to help her at this crucial time, Ganga refuses saying that so far it has always been Satyavati who had taken decision, henceforth the decision should be her’s only. Satyavati realizes her folly and her greed as well as her fear that drove all the actions which has brought Hastinapur to the present sorry state of affairs .

Satyavati enters the palace and is greeted by Vidur and Bhishm.. Satyavati tells Vidur to prepare for journey, Bhishma is curious to know the destination , Satyavati tells them ,she is going to fetch Pandu back and rectify all the errors she has committed in the past .. her intentions are overheard by Shakuni .

Shakuni poisons Dhritarashtra’s mind despite the saner counsel of Gandhari . Shakuni suggests that Duryodhan should be proclaimed as the heir before Satyavati and Vidur come back with Pandu.


Pandu is teaching the lessons of life and art of living ..Pandu says that Yudhistr will make a fine king

Pandav is romantically aroused seeing Madri among flowers , he approaches her.. Nakul who would have been playing with his brothers is alerted to some unfortunate happening.

Satyavati and Vidur have broken for camp , Satyavati is full on remorse about her past actions.Vidur expresses his doubts about the acceptance of the throne by Pandu, Satyavati expresses her confidence that Pandu will acceded to her requests.

IN the FLOWER Garden,

Pandu is smitten by the beauty of Madri and approaches her , Sahadev who had been playing with his sibling senses something bad happening , Sahadev runs to Kunti and alerts her..Kunti rushes towards the flower garden , Pandav is exercising his husbandly rights over Madri..

Kunti is greeted by Pandav’s dead body , Satyavati tells Kunti to come to Hastinapur with the children.

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