Mahabharat 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 25th March 2014 Written Update

Dury walks from the sabha in anger n fell down in water, every1 starts laughing n draupadi comments that he’s blind like his father, it hurts dury, he came out with karn’s help n yudi ask every1 to be quite, krishna saw draupadi in a tensed way.

They reach HP, dury was fuming with anger, he entered his room n started throwing things n within secs, he set fire in his room, worried dushasan ran for help, here dury was shouting with pain of insult n anger, karn came forward to help him, he says that not suicide but revenge is a way for this, there, dushy goes to DR n told him that dury was trying to commit suicide as he was hurt bcoz of IP’s prosperity, they ran to help him.

In room, the fire is high, karn jump to save dury, he ask him to calm down but dury said that he’s hurt n now he want revenge, DR came thre n ask dury to calm down, n ask karn to make him understand, karn says that he can’t see his friend in pain so he want him to order to attack IP, DR permits to attack IP.

Dury stop them saying that now its not the matter of property but its personal, they insulted him n he want to insult them, dushy says that only shakuni is able to do that without war but dury insulted him so he’s leaving for gandhar.

On his way to gandhar, dury came n stop him n ask for sorry, shakuni says that he’s big now n he set him free, dury do sum emotional drama n shakuni ask him to not fake it as he taught him this trick, but dury convince him by saying sorry n shakuni stops, they hug.

Dury says that he want revenge, shakuni says that for that he need to control anger n no need to think about war, dury says he dnt want war but insult for insult, shakuni says if he want to insult them, he need to focus on panchali as she’s their proud.

Precap: Krishna got hurt n blood comes out of his hand, draupadi without thinking tear her cloth n tie it on his hand.

Update Credit to: Amor

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