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Mahabharat 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bheem says dushasan till i wash draupadis hair by ur blood i wont let u die. Draupadi abt to leave for Warfield, kunti says don’t forget ur a mother to don’t give dushasan such terrible death, draupadi says ur right but today im jst a women memorise every moment of sabha n this heartless me is the real one today, draupadi takes kuntis blessings leaves.
Bheem say to dushasan trying to run away that today no one can save u , u will be killed n throws weapon at him n stops him, dushasan says brother bheem plz forgive me,bheem says we had given u many opportunities for forgiveness n now u shall get none.bheem in front of draupadi begins torturing dushsan n says dushasan memorise the moment of dut sabha wen u insulted draupadi,. draupadi teps down her rath , bheem drags

dushasan the similar way he did to draupadi in the sabha, dushasan yells for help keeps calling his brother duryodhan, bheem keeps hitting dushasan, he pulls off his hand from his body n says look duryodhan the hands which didn’t respect a women are given such treatment n throws them, dushasan yells n screams in pain, bheem says look panchali these were the hands that touched ur hair, bheem tears dushasans chest n says come panchali n look at ur culprit, duryodhan in taers n helpless keep looking at the terrifying situation of dushasan along with mamashri n karna, draupadi walks toward blood shaded dushasan , dushsan looks at her , draupadis tear falls on his forehead, bheem says ur insults revenge is over n now u can tie ur hair n i will wash ur hair with dushasans blood, whatever adjectives these people had given u n the pain they gave u all will wash off with this blood sit down, draupadi memorises her oath n in tears sits beside dushasan bheem pours dushasans blood on her hair, pandavas n Krishna watch draupadis revenge been fulfilled. Bheem takes some of the blood in his hand n says look duryodhan im drinking ur brothers blood, draupadi says he is brother bheem , bheem stops n looks at draupadi , she asks him not to do so, bheem stops n looks at dushasan n as the sunsets dushasan dies, duryodhan mourns in pain , bheem hugs dushasan n says ur evilness has made me do evil, draupadi says dritrashtra son look at this , this all bcoz u didn’t want to quit the war n the death of ur brothers is due to ur selfishness.

Gandhari seeks mahamahim for help to save duryodhan.

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