Mahabharat 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 25th February 2014 Written Update

DR was sitting on throne n shakuni ask him to give pandavas wat they want, if they want more, he shud give them more but he shud stop bhishm at any cost, he shud make him servant of hastinapur so that in future he’ll never go against his decesion, soldier came n says that bhishm wants to cum n he ask to cum as he was abt to arrive, shakuni signals n he sat on stairs. DR was sitting on stairs n shakuni was their, bhishm enters n shakuni greets him n leaves, as bhishm approach towards DR he ask for srry, he’s ready for any sort of punishment bhishm ask DR that a king only sit on floor during hawan or puja, he shud sit on throne, DR says that he’s not the king, he has lost the right to sit on throne.

Bhishm says that he’s king n will remain for long tym, n now

as per vidhur’s suggestion tym has cum to divide the rashtra n gave it to pandavas. Other side, bhim n other pandavas were discussing it with vidhur, he ask which part will they receive, vidhur says that he’s not doing injustice to them but they surely must have doing “atinyaya” to dury, drapadi ask abt it, n he explains that when while doing justice thr’s no affection, joy in heart remains only tiredness, just to do it to get rid of sumthing, just to keep sum1 calm instead of giving sum1 punishment thy reward sum1 is “atinyaye” its actually failure of justice.

Bhishm says that he has done a lot of struggle his lyftym to protect hastinapur n its throne but now he want to live peacefully, he’ll leave with yudi n brothers n let him n his sons live peacefully. DR starts oaniciing on that n pleads him a lot to not leave hastinapur as he’s blind n he’ll loose everything if he loose him, he’ll loose both money n power, with yudi.

Other side, draupadi ask if thr’s sum city or place in hastinapur which is not save n always in danger of demon attack, yudi said its khandav prastha, draupadi says that thy’ll ask for that land only, n every1 agrees, vidhur is worried but arjun says that thy’ll better off thr in peace n now bhishm is also with them.

There, DR emotionally blackmails bhishm n says that he’ll not give anything to pandavas until n unless bhishm promise to be on his side, bhishm says that he promise that he n yudi will always be on his side, whenever he need thy’ll cum to help n yudi also never attack on hastinapur, but DR is stubborn he says that wat if his sons do sumthing wrong then bhishm surely cum n punish them, thats y he want a promise.

Vidhur says that bhishm has sacrified a lot of things in his life, yudi says that its tym for him to rest n he along with his brother n wife will take care of him, thr bhishm says that he’ll do the sacrife for dharma n yudi, DR ask for promise that watever may be the circumstances he’ll always be on his side, bhishm gave promise that untill DR is the king, he’ll follow his each n every word.

Precap: Yudi’s rajyabhishek has been done but DR says that kunti will stay with them.

Update Credit to: Amor

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