Mahabharat 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 24th March 2014 Written Update

Krishna’s brother sishupal continued to insult Krishna in front of the entire Rajyashabha. He then insulted Draudapi and called pandava unix and Pandava’s father Pandu including Mahamahim bhisma despite of Bhishma’s warning. He accused Krishna about rukhmini as well. But when he accused about Krishna’s relation with Draupadi he couldn’t control anymore.
When he completed his 100 sins as Krishna granted Shishupal’s mother’s wish when he was born that he would forgive, Krishna took out his Chakra and with one move separated Shishupal’s head from his body. Once Shishupal breadth last he seek for his Shanti.
Duryodhana asked his elder brother yudhisthira how come he ignore such an insult of his guest. Yudhisthira told him that he got what

he deserved. But duryodhana was not convinced.
Krishna told Duryodhana that if you don’t stop the sin then the person who is committing continues to commit more sins and never ever stops. So someone has to stop allowing others to stop committing sins.
Duryodhona accused Krishna stating that Krishna has destroyed Yagna. Duryodhana further stated that Shishupal was his friend and if he doesnot talk revenge then it would be shame on this being a Kshatriya.
Duryodhana challenged Krishna for war despite of Shakuni’s warning.
When Duryodhana picked his gada, pandava’s stood blocking him. Karna and Dushyashana covered up to his brother. Vidur warned Duryodhana that they cannot have war unless they have permission from the King and if he still do then he have to sacrifice Yuvrajship.
Shakuni finally made Duryodhana understand that he would be fighting a lost battle if he fought with Krishna.
Krishna reminded yudhisthira that Duryodhana deserved punishment for picking up his weapons in front of him. bhima reminded him that even Arjuna was punished at hastinapur for same.
But Yudhisthira forgave him saying he cannot do that in front of Bhishma. But Krishna told him that what Duryodhana did was something which cannot be overlooked. Draupadi gave an idea to Yudhisthira to ask duryodhana to sacrifice his weapons.
Duryodhana was furious and asked how dare she. He warned her not to poke him. She said it was just a soft gesture remove the insult from him. But Duryodhana insulted Draupadi. Pandavas asked them to released their respective weapons. Karna refused to let go of his bow and asked to give him Mityudanda.
Everyone sacrificed their weapons finally without their own will.

Precap : Draupadi taunting Duryodhana ” Andhe Ka Putra Andha”.

Update Credit to: appy_indy-KD

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