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Mahabharat 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bheem says to dushasan before dying u will see panchali wash her hair with ur blood,shalya says to karna , are u capable of killing only mere soldiers or u can face some grt warriors, karna says i will show u wat my strength is take the rath to bheem, nakul comes in between say can u face me karna oops senapati karna, shalya says karna before reaching bheem face my nephew first, bheem kills two more brothers of duryodhan , duryodhan goes to bheem , but arjun stops him n says brother why not have some lessons of archery before reaching bheem. Karna says nakul ur smaller in age n elders give blessings not fight, nakul says blessings like one u gave to abhimanyu, even if u were my brother i wouldn’t accept any of ur blessings so come fight me. Dushasan runs tries running away

n wen bheem tries to stop him ashvathama comes in betn n says u broke my fathers trust n killed him n now i shall kill u, drishtdyum comes n says brother bheem u concentrate on dushasan n i would love to have the opportunity of killing ashvathama, bheem proceeds to kill dushasan wen other kauravas try stopping him but get killed by bheem, bheem says wait for ur death dushasan as ur brothers get killed ur death will be approaching u, n remember one thing i shall promise u ur death will be very horrifying run as far as u can but nothing can save u from me.
Karna defeats nakul n says i will not kill u n u wont accept my blessing so accept this defeat n plz leave, bheem keeps killing dritrashtra sons,dushsan runs to mamashri shakuni, mamashri says dushasan quit the warfield n run away my son since today no on can save u from bheem.
Arjun n duryodhan attack eachother, arjun says duryodhan by no means u can save ur beloved brother dushasan, dushasan while trying to run is stopped by yudishtir nakul n sahadev, they send a message to bheem by a sound, bheem says duryodhan this is the sign of brothers death approaching n few time u shall hear ur brother dushasans voice, arjun freezes duryodhans lower body by his attack. Karna stops bheem from approaching dushasan but to every attacks of his bheem fails them, arjun sends message of duryodhan been trapped,n says karna now who shall u save dushasan or duryodhan, karna says it was ur oath that u will first kill 99 brothers n then duryodhan n so i shall stop u from reaching dushasan, bheem says u can stop me but in mean while yudishtir n arjun will kill dushasan n duryodhan, karna traps bheem n asks shalya to proceed to duryodhan n says bheem this will keep u trapped till i save duryodhan n this trap will go on tightening so be careful.yudishtir says wait for u death since today itself u will be killed, duryodhans trap is broken by karna n says now bheem is trapped n now ur in the choice position weather to fight me or save bheem , arjun smiles n says karna no trap can keep my brother bheem trapped, bheem breaks the trap n relises himself, arjun says go both of u proceed to ur dushasan n see by urself of a adharmi is horrifyingly punished.
Bheem starts torturing dushasan, n says ur death is ur saver now n till i show u how i was draupadis hair with ur blood i will not kill u.

Draupadi enters the war field.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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