Mahabharat 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Shakuni is pleased that Dhritarashtra has got a Son and a set of brothers for that son who will defend the throne when the time comes

15 years Pass :

Karna pierces the released arrow and it is his arrow that hits the flagpole and breaks it . before the Flag can fall down Karna’s chariot glides forward and holds the fag aloft.

The assembled archers move towards threateningly but are stopped by the booming voice of Bhishma who is the chief guest. He expresses his sorrow that none of the known archers were able to hit the mark , he deplores the state of preparedness of the archers and lauds the efforts of Karn in hitting the mark. Bhishm summons Karn to his presence, Beaming in pride at his recognition , Karna steps up the podium but he feels a virtual slap when Bhishma

acknowledges him as a bets charioteer instead of being the best archer. He hands over 100 gold sovereign and walks away leaving a crushed Karna behind.

As soon as Bhishma walks away, The Kshatriya ‘s threaten Karna and order him not to rise above his station !!

On the other side:

Bhishma is talking to Sushil , Karna’s father , he appreciates the skills of Karna but cautions Sushil that Karna’s effforts will not be liked and will lead to animosity. Sushil pleads his helplessness , replies that archery is coded into the DNA of Karna . Bhishma retorts that if Karna is so inclined to practice Archery, then Karna ought to go and settle in Magadh where people from all walks of life can learn what their hearts desire .


The Kauravas are behaving like bullies and creating complete havoc in the marketplace. Dushashna takes on a young fisherman and accuses him of trying to injure the princes. Dushashna decides that the young boy should be killed ..just then Duryodhana comes there and asserts his authority , states that he will do justice ..He enquires the cause for the commotion and is told that the young fisherman was just trying to protect his fishes . Duryodhan states that the young boy is lying and should be put to death . situation spirals to an extent that there looms a fear of revolt, just then Shakuni comes there and orders Duryodhan to calm down and follow him, Shakuni also orders the imprisonment of all fishermen..

Shakuni takes the boys to the palace and advises Duryodhan never to create a situation where subjects may revolt.. he further says for Duryodhan to continue with the same respect as before, he must do one thing..Shakuni swiftly cuts the left shoulder of Duryodhan and tells Duryodhan that this will be a lesson on his foolishness as well as lesson for Fisherman.

Pandava’s are introduced

Update Credit to: Tinkerbell

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