Mahabharat 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,ashvathama n drishtdyum give fire to their respective father, ashvathama says pandavas my father trusted u n u haven’t killed my father but the trust a guru has on his students n till i see u five die in front of me i shall not die, my father has given me brhamasta n with tat i shall destroy ur generation n its my oath.arjun says we will face the consequences surely n jst by one adharma ur side dosent turn to dharma n not u but we shall destroy the kauravas.
Duryodhan n all kauravas welcome n congratulate karna as the new senapati of kauravas, duryodhan says karna will scare hell out of the pandavas , karna is my trust my protector n tomorrow in the war field the enemies shall die n my trust will surely win.karna says by giving me this position u have shown ur trust to

me once again,duryodhan says i wish i had done this befor this would have saved my brothers n i know tomorrow u shall protect me n my brothers , karna says till i have life left i shall be with u. Shalya says u all r fools no one can win against the pandavas, duryodhan says shut up or i shall kill u, shalya says don’t worry this adharma which i had to join n its punishement will bw given to me by my nephews, karna says shalya as ur senapati i order u to keep mum, shalya says i don’t follow a suth putras order, duryodhan says but u have to follow my orders n for this rudeness of urs i take away all ur positions n now u will work as sarthi(driver of karnas rath) of karna, u have asked my friend a grt warrior his caste n so this is ur punishement go take ur new positions.
Arjun says to draupadi don’t look at this burnt soldiers n warriors it will increase ur pain, draupadi says when u die all of ur negativity dissolves then why do we live with it, arjun says its kind of a rule , the people with negativity do this bcoz they are wounded from deep inside, draupadi says we lost father guru sons why do we have to do this , tomorrow when bheem will kill dushasan n i will wash my hair with his blood this will symbolise negativity , arjun says its not jst bcoz of u look at uttara wat if we stop war now n tomorrow someone insults her, not jst her but every now n then a womens respect will be destroyed , this war will symbolise that any person who shall attack a women will ahve to face hell, bheem comes n says arjun is right draupadi make urself strong , tomorrow dushasan will be punished ur sons will come n take u to war field so get ready.
The war begins, karna orders to attack pandavas,bheem says dushasan come in front of me don’t hide, dushasan says im here i am not scared of u m not like u pandu putras m dritrashtra son cery strong, bheem says where was ur strength when i killed ur brothers or ur hands have strength only to rip off a womens cloth, dushasan says we shall see come fight, bheem n dushasan attack each other, bheem injures dushasan while doing so every moment of draupadis insult flash in front of him, bheem says not so quick dushasan before killing u i will remove ur blood.

Bheem says i will make ur condition so miserable that u will beg me to kill u dushasan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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