Mahabharat 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Bhishma and Vidur are in the market area of Hastinapur when day turns night, winds turn gale wolfs and other predators begin to howl in broad daylight. All this ill omens worry the palace members of Hastinapur, added to it, Kripa’s havan fires get doused signifying the coming of bad tidings.

The palace members gather in the grand hall ; while in the cave , the caskets begin to crackle and a leg of a baby pops out . and here in the palace, the royal members are worried at this inauspicious signs heralding the arrival of the Son of Dhritarashtra .Kripa says that shastra advises the killing of such children who are born under such inauspicious signs as they are usually the harbingers of destruction of mankind, Shakuni opposes the killing of the first born , Rajamata seeks the counsel of Bhishma, Bhishma deflects the arrow and aims at Dhritrashtra and leaves it to Dhritarashtra to decide . Dhrita rashtra decides to kill the first born.

All head towards the cave, Gandhari is in tears , Dhritarashtra stoically takes the first born and moves towards killing him, when the crying sound of the baby stops him, stirring the father in him. Dhritarastra decides to keep the first born and names him Duryodhan.


Pandu and Kunti are blessed with Arjun from Indra…

Madri is unhappy that it has been Kunti who has been enjoying the bliss of motherhood and fears that Kunti’s children will ill treat her in old age . Kunti tries to reassure her but Madri will not hear any solace.

Pandu decides to get another set of siblings for Yudhishtr to aid him in ruling , He asks Kunti to Summon Ashwini Brothers. Kunti declines to do so and says that Madri will be the one getting the children from Ashwini brothers.

Nakkul and Sahadev are born !!

It has been 15 years…. A young boy is driving a chariot and it gets stuck in a bog, he orders a young lad to remove the wheels from the muddy slush… immediately Metal shields sprout on the chest of the lad and we have our first glimpse of Karn.

Update Credit to: Tinkerbell

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