Mahabharat 22nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 22nd March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 22nd March 2014 Written Update

Pandavas finish the yagya, while Duryodhan tells Shishupal that if he manages to disrupt the yagya then his mace will protect him. Shishupal says he doesn’t need anyone’s protection as only the one who took away his extra arms and eye can kill him -i.e Krishna, but Krishna won’t kill him as he promised his mother he would forgive his 100 faults.

Yudhishtir invites Kunti and Bhishma into the sabha. He bows to them both, Kunti says an Emperor only bows to God, but Yudhsihtir asks for him to be allowed to change this rule, otherwise he won’t feel comfortable sitting on the throne. The Pandavas and Kunti have a group hug, but she is sad when she notices Karna sitting alone.

Rishi Vyas tells Yushishtir that he will be seated on the throne, after which he must elect someone for

the first ‘arghya’ and then 4 kings will make a canopy over his head, and after this the yagya will be accpeted as being complete.

Dushasan wonders where the throne of Indraprashta is, but it has been hidden by maya. Yudhishtir sits on the throne, beside Draupadi. He asks Vyas who should be given the first argya, and Vyas suggests either Bhishma or Krishna. Bhishma declines as he is bound by Dhritrashta’s orders. He says that Krishna is the only person worthy of this honour.

The Pandavas and Draupadi worship Krishna and perform the arghya. Just as Yudhishtir is about to sprinkle water on Krishna, Shishupal interrupts and begins insulting everyone.He insults Krishna for having killed Kans and his associates, he insults Bhim for marrying a rakshasi. Bhim threatens to kill Shishupal but Bhishma stops him saying that only the Emperor can give this order. Shishupal laughs and insults Pandu, saying that he can’t have taught them right from wrong as he himself was a brahmin killer. Arjun is furious and tells Shishupal that if he has such a problem with their yagya then he should leave and wait for Indraprasta’s army to attack him in Chedi as they cannot leave him alive now. Shishupal insults Arjun saying he obtained his archery skills after getting Eklavya’s thumb cut off. Yudhishtir tells Shishupal to leave this very moment otherwise he will have to give him the death sentence. Shishupal laughs in his face and continues insulting Krishna, Krishna just watches calmly.

Precap: Shisupal insults Krishna and Draupadi’s relationship. He says a man cannot be friends with a married women, we all know what your relationship really is. Shishupal’s 100 pardons are finished and Krishna stands there with his Sudarshan chakra.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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