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Mahabharat 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,Krishna says to guru dron i know everyone can never be as grt warrior as arjun n karna , but if u have taught ur son the right things u n he wouldn’t be in this position, guru dron says its my love towards my son, Krishna says its not ur love but ur desire have u ever thought wat is difference betn desire n love, guru dron says love brings desire, Krishna says no thats not true, love says i m proud of my son n desire says my son shd be proud of me, love is dharman desire adharma,u have fought to give ur son the best but instead u shd have tried to teach him best n its ur fault that his life is away from dharma n u are also bound by desire n this has led u to become a teacher but not a great teacher, guru dron says plz don’t say this i have through out my life thought my students

my best, Krishna says don’t forget a guru never asks for returns , ur heart is filled with desire n so ur bound to do adharma, u still have time to take right decision give away ur desires i can take way ur life right now but its my wish that u shd take atleast one right decision, guru dron says ur right its my fault n my son is in this state n i deserve to be punished, n gives away his weapon n releases his hair n goes in krishnas feet n say im ready to go by as u say, Krishna goes back to his rath n brings back everything to normal, guru dron says i would like to give away my life n before that i would like u to inform draupadi that i have seeked her for forgiveness plz call Dhrishtadyum, Dhrishtadyum comes with his sword n beheads guru dron, his head falls in feets of ashvathama.
Dritrashtra says gandhari guru dron is dead n our last option to save our kids has died, dritrashtra says say something gandhari say something,gandhari says wat shall i say,like a tree waits for the birds to come back at sunset so do i wait for my sons, i have given birth to 100 sons but none will be alive during our end days, dritrahtra says its our bad fortune,my life has lost everuthing,gandhari says i have offered my best prayers to lord, n i will request lord to save my children.
Guru dron n maharaj drupads funeral time arrives, arjun memorises his best moments with guru dron n takes his final blessings n say i have learned a lot from u guru dron, in future whoever will praise arjun will in reality praise u, yudishtir takes blessings from guru dron n say u have given ur best to all of our generation.
Dritrashtra says wat arrangements will be made to save our son wat r u gonna ask for, gandhari says maharishi had said i have power to save my one child n it will be duryodhan he will kill kuntis five sons n take revenge of his 99 brothers death.

Arjun says to draupadi dushasan was one who attacked u n its time for him to be punished.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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