Mahabharat 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 22nd February 2014 Written Update

Bhishma was furious on Vidur for suggesting the property splitting.
Pandavas were discussing over what they should do. They cannot just let their mother land divided into two parts. Yudhisthira was dead against the division and said he would go and leave the Yuvraj pad himself.
Vidur gave an example of water and oil which can never be mixed. He also said if they want happiness and peace in Hastinapur they have to divide the Rajya. Vidur also said right now Dhritarastra would only support his own blood. But Bhisma refused to believe it but right at that moment Dhritarashtra’s saarathi came and told them that Dhritarastra ordered his man to arrest Pandavas and put them in the Karagar.
Duryodhan was furious and he refused to divide the Rajya stating it was his own and

they will never let Panduputras to take it.
Sakuni was spatting against Bhishma and Vidur and so was Dussasana.
Duryodhana reminded his father that how Pandava’s took out their weapons in front of Dhritarastra and it was a sinful deed. So they have every right to dismiss Yudhisthira from Yuvraj Pad.
Vishma was furious over Dhritarastra’s deed and ordered the dwarpal to inform the king that Bhisma wants to see him.
Pandavas were shocked at the declaration and submitted themselves to the Hastinapur men against their wishes.
Bhima was furious but Yudhisthira made him understand the rightness of the thing by submitting him to the Hastinapur men. Yudhisthira leaded the way and the other pandavas followed.
They met Draupadi on their way. Her eyes were filled with tears seeing her beloved husbands like that. Bhima tried to bring smile on Draupadi’s face but she did not smile an inch. With heavy heart she asked what was the solution? Yudhisthira said there was only one solution that they apologize in front of the King.
Arjun asked Draupadi what was her views. She said if they are at fault then they should seek for forgiveness but if they aren’t then they should fight it out and prove themselves right. She made them understand what they were doing was not correct. Yudhisthira confirmed that they would not ask for forgiveness.
Arjun told her that if they are at Karagar then Hastinapur wont be safe for her and she should leave for Kampilya. With heavy heart he said maybe her journey was till here with them. Draupadi nodded in disagreement.
On the other hand Dhritarastra refused to meet Bhishma.

Precap : Vishma ordered the Hastinapur men to fight with him or release Pandavas.

Update Credit to: appy_indy-KD

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