Mahabharat 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 21st October 2013 Written Update

Dhritarashtra is devastated and broken when he comes to know that his wife has given birth to a big mass . Frustrated, in a rage Dhritarashtra decides to go on war but is stopped by Bhishma and Vidur who appeal to his better nature, all to no avail..It is then that Satyavati comes to the chariot, placates Dhrittarashtra ,saying that Gandhari has not given birth to babies but to seeds and this seeds have to be grown into human forms (????) and that can be done by Ved Vyas.

Ved Vyas is summoned and he infuses this seeds with some herbs, concoction , Vedic mantras, pours some oil into the casket and allows them to fuse and grow as babies. Dhritarashtra is impatient and is fretting about the arrival of his Son’s.

The Royal household is eagerly waiting outside the Royal hospital urf cave, out steps Ved Vyas clad in mythical Doctor coat and holding invisible steths , he announces that he has done some magic tricks and has made the seeds to grow , Ved Vyas turns to Gandhari , tells her that God has heard her prayers and granted a daughter too.

Dhritarashtra is ecstatic and is dreaming about his children and thinking that his children will be able aide to Pandu’s children, Shakuni who is the recipient of this confidences is displeased and wastes no time in filling Dhritarashtr’s ears against Pandu’s Kids.


Pandu and Kunti are praying again , to the wind God seeking another Progeny !! Lord Pawan presents himself and grants them Bhim !! The Wind god promises to reside within the biceps of Bhim and that he shall be famous as Bhim all over the world , So saying The Wind God Vanishes .

Pandu moves to get the milk , there is a roar of the tiger/lion , Kunti drops little Bhim down the cliff !!! Kunti yells out in fear, rushes down . Kunti is relieved to see her son safe and sound and the poor rock which bore his fall is crushed to smithereens.

There is a storm brewing, Thunder and lightning begins… Ill omens begin , Gandhari rushes to the caskets and tries to calm them.

Kunti and Pandu are at it again ….. Praying for another baby…Arjun will be born !!

Update Credit to: Tinkerbell

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