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Mahabharat 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,arjun says today guru dron will have to fight with his fav student n thats me, bheem says to yudishtir we have to take revenge of maharaj drupad. Draupadi reaches maharaj drupad, draupadi says abhimanyu n ghatotkach i have seen death of two children of mine n now my father, this warfield has burned the future as well as past n asks her brother who did it, he says its guru dron, drupadi says brother don’t worry guru dron will surely killed go n do ur duty the warfield is waiting for u, karna is fighting with nakul n sahadev, karna abt to kill sahadev stops since he memorises his promise to his to kunti . arjun n guru dron fighting is informed that ashvathama is attacked by yudishtir n bheem, guru dron decides to save ashvathama, Krishna says this love towards ur son has made u

forget abt dharma n adharma, arjun says u cant leave the fight n u shall leave only wen u kill me. Yudishtir n bheem with their gadhas get ready to attack ashvathama. Arjuns attacks don’t harm guru dron bcoz of his kavach, arjun is informed again that bheems attack has injured ashvathama badly. Yudishtir n bheem in reality attack n elephant named ashvathama n ask for forgiveness , this arrangement was made to fool guru dron. Guru dron by hearing the information abt ashvathamas health n the news abt his death approaching him weaken guru dron , guru dron n arjun are informed that jst one more attack n ashvathama will be killed, guru dron leaves his kavach n comes out of it, arjun says surprising how did ur kavach break, guru dron please arjun to leave him n allow him to protect his son. Bheem says yudishtir the first step is successful its timefor u to proceed for the next. Krishna says this sound is sign that brother bheem has been success ful in his attacks, guru dron says impossible ashvathama cannot die, Krishna says ashvathama may be born with purity but his deeds has brought him to this situation, guru dron says Krishna ur an evil magician u killed my son, bheem n yudishtir arrive Krishna says yudishtir u have always followed the path of truth n spoken truth so u tell guru dron did ashvathama really die, yudishtir says yes ashvathama is dead n i have seen bheem attacking him, guru dron says yudishtir u have never spoken false if u speak the false u shall die, yudishtir says im not lying i have seen ashvathama die, guru dron yells with ashvathamas name, ashvathma hears that n rushes to guru dron, guru dron says i shall destroy u pandavas who killed my son, don’t forget lord parshuram has blessed me with speacil powers n now see this Brahmans anger n with lords weapons i shall destroy the whole world n lifts his weapon, Krishna for sure destroy this world guru dron n freezes everyone except guru dron, Krishna walks towards guru dron n says before lifting ur weapon answer me one thing, if i tell u that ashvathama who was killed is not ur son but an elephant will u giveaway this anger, no one leaves for ever , is ur knowledge n strength is jst for ur son, guru dron says yes for sure for me no one is of greater importance than ashvathama, Krishna says u gave ur son everything but did u give him knowledge , culture , teach him dharma, i know no one is as great n intelligent as karna n arjun but if u had thought him dharma he would have been a better person n wouldn’t be against dharma.

PRECAP: Krishna says this is right time to give away ur moha(desire) go ahead guru dron.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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