Mahabharat 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 21st January 2014 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with Drupad looking glum after hearing Krishna’s speech. Drupad remembers the past between him and Drona and says it is his punishment for rejecting Drona’s friendship that he only gets half a kingdom. Drupad asks Drona for forgiveness as it is fated that Dhrishtadyumn will have to kill him. Drona says I know he won’t be doing it out of anger, maybe it will be to save me from an even bigger threat.

Krishna smiles and says that it would be appropriate if Drona took Dhrishtadyumn as his student. Krishna says that his knowledge will be the path to his liberation in the future. Drona says to Krishna that this must have been part of your plan, while Krishna laughs. Drupad asks Krishna to forgive him, as he couldn’t recognise him. Krishna says if he had been

able to recognise Draupadi, then it would have been easy to also see him.

Outside the Panchal palace, Shikhandini runs after Draupadi to stop her from leaving. Draupadi says she can’t as she has been banished. Shikhandini tries to reason with her, but nothing works. Draupadi wants to know the importance behind her birth, what she was born to do.

Back in the palace, Drupad announces a celebration to be held in honour of Draupadi. Shikhandini comes and tells them all about Draupadi leaving Kampilya. Drupad gets very upset and wants to go and find her, but Krishna says that he will bring her back.

Krishna finds Draupadi and is wondering how to approach her. Suddenly he comes to her hands folded and begs her to tell him how she managed to quieten his mace, what mantra did she use! Draupadi looks disturbed, and denies using any mantra. Comedy continues with Krishna threatening to jump off the cliff if she doesn’t reveal which mantra she used. Draupadi says she only came there to protect Drupad. Krishna says so you used the mantra of love.

Draupadi reveals that she is looking for answers to some questions. Krishna says she isn’t asking the right questions. She should ask who she is, and find herself. Only then will she get her answers. Draupadi want to know what she should do to find out who she really is. Krishna tells her to follow the path of righteousness. Krishna tells her there are 5 parts of dharma, knowledge, love, justice, self sacrifice and patience. Krishna tells Draupadi that she was born to possess those 5 parts of dharma. Krishna tells Draupadi that the gods have declared that she will reshape the future of Aryavrat.

They smile at each other and Krishna asks Draupadi to return to Kampilya as life is waiting for her. Draupadi asks Krishna who he really is. Krishna smiles and says he is the protector of cows, and his friends call him Govinda. Draupadi asks him whether she had really quietened his mace. Krishna asks Draupadi what she thinks, and she says that he himself had done it. He agrees but says it was done for her, so only she should get the credit. Krishna calls Draupadi Sakhi for the first time and takes her hand.

In the forest, everyone is sleeping, while it’s Yudhishtira and Arjun’s turn to be lookouts. Some vines come out from nowhere and twist around Hidimba’s arms and drag her away. Suddenly Y&A notice that she’s not there and get worried.

Hidimb is the one who dragged Hidimba away. He asks why it is taking her so long to bring the Pandavas to him. She says she is trying to bring them asap. Hidimb smells Arjun coming towards their meeting place so he gets ready to pounce.

Precap: Draupadi is back in Kampilya. Krishna tells Drupad to start arranging a Swayamvar for Draupadi.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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  2. Very well document Gave me answers to questions in my mind after viewing Mahabharata in vijay tv to day 13 March 2014 on principles of Dharma as explained By Lord to Dravpadi


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