Mahabharat 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 21st February 2014 Written Update

Dhrtarashtra orders that Pandava’s family should leave this country. Yudhishthir tells him what they did is under unusual circumstances. He gives example of Maricha marrying 10 Prachetas> Prajapati Daksh was her son. We are his praja. If that marriage was Adharma then we too are the same. Dhritarashtra worries about Pandu’s soul burning in anger in heaven along with other souls of their ancestors. Yudhisthir asks Bhishma to give his opinion.
Bhishma gets up, says after getting news of the circumstances at Kampilya, considering all the options, this decision was taken with Vyas’s blessings. Though this marriage is Adharma but Pandavas & Panchali are innocent. Pandavas & Draupadi are happy at this acceptance.
Dhritarashtra is surprised. He says as a king of this

country he has to consider all including the comman men, who doesn’t understand Dharma much. He doesn’t agree with this marriage. Yudhisthir says he & with his brothers & princess Panchali are ready to give Agni-pariksha to prove their innocence, so all will know that one who takes such path has to be ready to give Agni-pariksha.
Yudhisthir says if this is Adharma then what are these incidents? Poisoning a child & throwing him in the river, trying to stop Arjun from entering in Rangbhoomi by burying him under stones, burning your relatives in a house of lakh, aren’t they Adharma? Shakuni, Duryodhan gets restless. Dhritarashtra is unable to answer. Shakuni gets up, tells Dhritarashtra to allow him to leaves with his bhanjas for Gandhar as Dhritarashtra’s bhatijas & his bhanjas can’t live together.
Duryodhan says these are accusations, you can only do that. Pointing at Draupadi he says a woman who doesn’t understand Dharma, can not show the right path to her husbands as she is durachaari.
Arjun gets angry, he is ready with his bow, aims at Duryodhan. Karna comes to protect his friend. His shield appears. Kunti is worried seeing her sons standing in front of each other. Arjun vow to cut head of the one who has insulted Panchaali.
Dhritarashtra orders death sentence for Arjun for trying to use weapons in Rajya sabha. Yudhisthir tells him he can’t do that, can only invite them to fight.
Duryodhan accepts this invitation for fight. He with his brothers, Karna are ready to take on Pandavas.
Here Pandavas too are angry, come foreword to fight, burning with anger. Bheem tells Duryodhan, they are 5 Brhmastras, ready to fight for her honour, you’ll get burnt. Draupadi seems to be proud of her husbands. All others present in Rajya sabha are worried.
Bhishma asks them to stop. He tells Dhritarashtra, for how long your sons will keep on insulting Hastinapur’s Rajyasabha. Dhritarashtra is surprised hearing that his sons are at fault according to Bhishma, who leaves.
Vidur is moved too by this situation, suggests, for Kuru Vansh’s protection division of this state is the only solution left. All are shocked hearing this suggestion.

Precap: Bhishma doesn’t agree with Vidur’s suggestion, says he’ll talk to Dhritarashtra.
Duryodhan tells Dhritarashtra, this entire land is his & Pandavas have insulted you in Rajya sabha.
Adhirath says Dhritarashtra has ordered to put Pandavas behind bars. Pandavas are shocked. Guards have surrounded them.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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