Mahabharat 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 20th March 2014 Written Update

The episode started with wrestling between Bheem and Jarasandha. In the first instance
Jarasandha throws Bheem to the ground and mocks him and says if I had known Pandu ‘s son had only this much strength I would have sent my grandson to fight. On hearing this Bheem gets up and starts to fight again. This time Bheem throws him on the ground and tears his body apart from the middle. Bheem shouts loudly. But to everyone’s amazement the two parts join again

Jarasandha laughs loudly and starts to fight again. This time too Bheem throws Jarasandha on the ground and tears him apart. But again the two parts join. This happens three times. Fourth time as Bheem is about to tears Jarasandha apart his gaze falls on Vasudev. Sri Krishna takes a match stick . Tears it apart and throws in the

opposite direction. Bheem does same with Jarasandha. He throws his body in opposite direction. Shaking sees this exchange of looks between Vasudev and Bheem.. Jarasandha is killed ,

Arjun and Bheem along with Vasudev return to Indraprastha. Bheem narrates the incident to Yudhistir and says we have removed the thorn in the path of Rajsurya, Yudhistir says no one can stab pond against you. You are so strong in body. Bheem says strong in body and mind , I use dumpy brains to throw his parts in opposite directions. Then he tells vasudev I know this is a lie but you can’t speak up against me. Vasudev says off course not. They both laugh

Draupadi happily informs all that Subhadra is pregnant . Subhead raj touches Vasudev’s feet. Vasudev says th at subhadra your son will become as great a warrior as his father. Bheem says heir to the throne is coming. Vasudev says this is not the time to think of heirs it’s time to become free. Yudhishtir says I will go to Hastinapur and get permission for Rajsurya yagya. Krishna says that freedom is not attained by seeing permission. It is time to establish Dharma, most kings today are not following path of Dharma it is about time they are told to adhear to Dharm or to destroy them

At hastinapur Karnataka returns to his house and vrishali sees crown on his head, she is very sad, he says it was important in that point of time to protect the interest of the crown prince, he promises vrishali that he will never do anything wrong. Vrishali says your hands are not your own so how can you promise ?

Duryodhan in Mayamehal and Shishupal is introduced

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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