Mahabharat 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 20th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Bheeshma standing on the banks of Ganga . Draupadi comes there. Bheeshma says you and five Pandavas have ruined Dharma. She folds her hands and asks then which Path will be good for us Mahamahim.Bheeshma says , I think the path of Yam lord of death should be the right one. Draupadi says you mean after doing such a sin there is a path which is there to purify us? Bheeshma looks at her startled. She says isint Yam the lord of Dharma along with death, isint that why he is called Dharmaraj? Isint his path the path of Dharma?

She further says sfter death if soul gets purified then whats the use of it? I want to know a way to purify the soul during our time on earth. The way Sati Savitri had done. She had brought back her husband by following the path of Yam alive.

Like Nachiketa had done. He had by living followed the Path of yam. I also while being alive want to follow the path of yam

Bheeshma says what is Yam in heaven is Neeyam or regulation on earth. To carry Dharma one has to abide by regulation. If one one wants to purify ones soul on this path one has to bind ones life in rules and regulations and do tapas

Draupad says and how did you think we wouldnt have bound our life in regulation? How did you think we had not pledged Tapas as part of our lives? Maybe you doubt my upbringing but you should not hhave doubted the upbringing of kuruvansha.

Bheeshma has no answer for this Draupadi gives Argha to Lord Surya and says if my and husbands’s intentions are pure and pious may Lord Sun accept my Argha. Lord Sun accepts it

Next day Rajya sabha starts and Pandavs along with Draupadi come there.
Yudhistir tells Dhritrashtra that they are alive after Lakshagrih hence he should be reinstated as crown prince. He says that as a house cannot be constructed on a land which already has a house on it and Wheat cannot be grown before the earlier crop is cut same way ewhen one crownprince is alive a second crown prince cannot be crowned. Hence I urge you to cancel Duryodhan’s coronation

But Duryodhan cuts him and says ofcourse my coronation was canceled the moment you came back. I leave my throne in yout favour. As yudhistir moves towards the throne he says but O crown prince please answer such question. A woman who stays with other men is considered characterless and such women are punished in Aryavrat. Man who stays with a married woman is also considered characterless.What are your thoughts on this. Can the crown prince and his wife condone such behaviour. Can we put on the throne a person who indulges in this?

Yudhistir says I can answer your question but Dristrashtra says no need I at this moment exile you and your family from this kingdom

Battle type situation in Rajya sabha

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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