Mahabharat 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 1st October 2013 Written Update

The marriage hall was decked heavily to awestruck the guests..Dhritarashtra and the rest awaited anxiously for the bride to step in…

In her room the princess of Gandhar takes the momentous decision with her trembling fingers….she would forsake her sight for the man she chooses to marry….finally the red piece of cloth becomes her barrier to the sight of her husband and the world…. The marriage would now be among equals….

As the blind folded princess enters the court to be wed…Surprise and silence greets them… her appearance irks the bridegroom Dhritarashtra , Satyavati and everyone present…it soon gives way to contempt and anger.. The prince refuses to marry a blind girl…..the queen mother severely rebukes the king and his wife for such a decision by their daughter..

their lovely daughter was unable to become the eyes for their beloved Dhritarashtra… ( strange is the irony .. Questions are raised how could a blind girl be helpful to a blind husband…. But no such objections were mentioned when a blind man was chosen to be the better half of a girl who had the vision to see past the darkness… Was it not a marriage of unequals then?)

The treatment meted out to Gandhari on her supreme sacrifice with an intent to be at par with her ‘arya’ Dhritarashtra pains Shakuni to a great extent.The insult heaped on his family is borne by him in a stony silence…..

Gandhari mentions if the marriage doesnot go through she would have no recourse other than the ‘yagna’ fire….

Bheeshma asks of her the reason for this decision and Gandhari explains….. She doesnot consider her husband incapacitated in any form but different and she wants to be a perfect wife. To understand his world,standing with him one in the darkness that has plagued his life since birth….

Being bestowed with sight she would have missed to understand his pain, his hopes and aspirations… The words leave everyone tongue tied….Her promise of voluntarily being blindfolded for life was not taken out of any other intentions than being a model wife…

The courtiers are impressed with her …even kripacharya assents to the wedding… Even though the vow taken by Gandhari is against the prevalent norms and is disliked by the bridegroom….Yet the intent of it was without any malice borne in the lady’s heart … He advises the Kuru kumar to accept Gandhari with an open heart and shower his love…

Thus a reluctant Dhritarashtra and a princess struggling with the advent of blindness in her life take the marriage nuptials …

Gandhari requests her maid to dress her up in a way that would make it easy for her husband to identify her through his other senses.. she wants to be adorned in fragrant flowers and tinkling bells for the same…

Lord Krishna for the viewers has food for thought- decisions taken in a mind that is rife with struggle lead to unwise decisions that open the path of misery into the future..

Precap: Dhritarashtra refuses to acknowledge Gandhari as his wife…

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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