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Mahabharat 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kansa challenges Krishna to fight with him n if Krishna kills kansa his parents will be killed n if u loose n die i will free ur parents Krishna says im ready to fight with u .the fight begins n Krishna kills kansa wen the guards try to kill devki n vasudev a power saves them as a shield is automatically created around them n they are saved.

The rajkumars ask Krishna didn’t Krishna get scared abt losing his parents Krishna says it was their love that gave me the strength , n always remember sukh(happiness) n dukh(sadness) is always equal n its unbalanced wen adharma rises in my childhood adharma was spread by kansa n now its duryodhan n to balance it without expecting anything back u have to fight to bring happiness n u all are in this state where u have to chose adharma n keep quite or fight for happiness may be u won’t be the one who will earn it so u need to be like a tree that never receives n only gives so u all shd now decide whether to fight or not. Draupadi leaves the sabha after listening to all this.

In hastinapur mahamantri vidhur is ready to leave for virat n meet pandu putra n ask them for forgiveness n ask bhishma for blessings bhishma says im not worried abt the ans of pandavas but abt shakuni n his evil plans vidhur says don’t worry we have Krishna he will help us n pandavas chose the right path n all evil plans of shakuni will fail.

Duryodhan informs mamashri shakuni abt vidhur leaving hastinapur , mamashri says tats good this will keep mahamantri ,bhishma guru dron from worring us n now since vidhur has gone to meet pandavas im sure Krishna will come back from pandavas side to discuss abt this n wen he comes to hastinapur we will trap him.

In virat abhimanyus n utaras marriage ceremony takes place , the couple takes everyone’s blessings , draupadi is still thinking on vasudev Krishna’s words from the sabha when abhimanyu comes to seek blessing from draupadi she thinks of result of war n says my blessings are n mahamantri vidhur enters all are confused to see him vidhur says give me blessings to live a long life but this will happen only wen theres peace n no war.

Krishna enters hastinapur n duryodhan says i will trap him n jail him in front of the whole sabha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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