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Mahabharat 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, duryodhan orders bhishma to go behind yudishtir n protect hastinapur n kill yudishtir , bhishma agrees n proceeds to hastinapur. Krishna says step 3 , time to take guru dron away from duryodhan, arjun says sure dristvyum is busy doing so, Krishna says drishtvyum can stand guru dron for few time so arjun the step 4 is u have divert guru dron to urself, arjun says for diverting guru dron we have to attack ashvathama, n when that happens Krishna says sahadev n nakul will take bheem to duryodhan n bheem will kill duryodhan. Sanjay informs dritrashtra about pandavas steps to kill duryodhan. Drupad n ashvatama while fighting with eachother arjun joins drupad , arjun says ashvathama always wished to defeat me so lets give him a choice, ashvatama agrees n chose to fight with arjun with

sword. Yudishtir is stopped by bhishma , bhishma says this step of urs is against rules n adharma, yudishtir says u know i don’t follow adharma , i wasnt here to attack on hastinapur, bhishma says so spreaded such false news , yudishtir says it was Krishna n his plans, bhishma laughs n says Krishna knew duryodhan will take this step, yudishtir says its time for war between u n me , i can surely never defeat u but will never giveup n will surely fight. Arjun n ashvatahama begin to attack eachother , guru dron while killing drishtvyum is informed about ashvathama n arjun, hearing this guru dron leaves drishtvyum n procceds to ashvathama. Ashvathama injures arjun by attacking on his thighs n so does arjun by attacking ashvathama, arjun while trying to kill ashvathama guru dron creats a shield against ashvathama n saves him, Krishna says arjun u have to stop guru dron the time u take for it will be the time utilised by bheem against duryodhan n u have to try ur best n give lot of time to bheem. Bheem starts to proceed duryodhan killing all of kauravas soldiers in the way, bheem reaches duryodhan n challenges him , mamashri shakuni stops duryodhan from accepting the bheems challenge n sends soldiers to fight against bheem, bheem defeats all the soldiers . arjun n guru dron start attacking eachother. Bheem asks duryodhan is he scared to fight against him that he is sending this soldiers. Ashvathama says to guru dron u wait here n fight against arjun i will go near duryodhan since this looks like pandavas trap, guru dron says i will not let u succed arjun n tries to leaves arjun says u cant leave the fight in between. Duryodhan acceots bheems challenge.

Bhishma comes with yudishtir to bheem n says if u kill duryodhan i will kill yudishtir , yudishtir says don’t care abt me bheem kill duryodhan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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