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Mahabharat 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi starts with Drona telling his ladla Ahswathama that the time has come for them to leave the battlefield and go home (here we go again ). Ashwi says we have taken vow to help Dury. Drona says he will break that vow because he can’t see Ashwi dying. Ashwi says you will break that vow and do adharm. Drona says do you know because of you how many adharms I have done? I don’t fear breaking vows anymore cause my time in hell in fixed.

He wants to leave and then Dury and Shakuni comes in. Dury says Drona favors the Pandavas side (Haven’t we had this convo already? ) Dury says Drona is the reason he is unsuccessful. Drona is shocked… very dramatic music. Who cares Drona… just leave already. Dury tells Drona to go and tells Ashwi he is free to go as well. Offcourse

how can they leave after this kind of kick to their gigantic egos!!! Ashwi says if his father orders him to leave he will leave for heaven. (As if you will get in heaven ). Offcourse Drona is mortified. This bura will die just because of his son’s emotional attyachar. Ashwi says he will stay with Dury constantly.

Ashwi says that either today Drona will kill his fav Pupil or at the time of sunset Dury will kill Ashwi. Haven’t you learnt anything from Jayadrath Vadh you moron??? (Arjun cannot die). Shakuni pipes in with a knife saying that rather than loosing his life at the end of day, Ashwi can kill himself now with the hope that his daddy will succeed. Ashwi actually takes the knife to “pretend kill” himself when daddy dearest stops him saying he will do it and that Ashwi has now become his weakness. Drona vows that he will make a Kavach with all the good deeds he has done in life and that nobody can pierce that, nobody can drop his weapons. Whatever warrior comes infront of him will get killed today.

15th Day of war starts… Pandavas all standing around(literally) looking pretty on the battlefield. Drupad says Drona will die today. Senapati Dhristadumn says that Ghato baby killed 2 akshauhini sena and with his body killed another 1 akhshauhini. So both sides have same numbers of soldiers now. Arjun says it won’t be easy to kill Drona as he has lots of weapons from Parshuram which he hasn’t used yet. Drupad says Drona’s hand will shake infront of him and Dhrista will kill him as he is meant to. (Oh you don’t know about his vow yet murkh!!!) Krishna says Drona has to die today by any means.

War stars… Bheem throws his Laddoo Gada at Drona which just bounces off and Drona says today I am Kaurav’s Kavach and whoever wants to kill them will get killed. He fires special arrow at Bheem but Drupad comes. Drista comes as well but Drona disarms him and tells him he can be killed only when he himself lets go of his weapons. Drupad and Drona start fighting with javelins. Drona kills Drupad and asks forgiveness.

One of the upapandav (sorry don’t know which one..I get confused) comes to give Yudi the news where Pandavas are having a tea party rather than fighting. Krishna says Dhrista can do it but Drona has to let go of his weapons and that is possible if Ashwi gets killed. Sahadev says Ashwi is under the protection of Daddy and its hard to kill him. Krishna says only the news of Ashwi getting killed has to reach Drona and he will believe it if Yudi says it. Offcourse Dharnmraj Yudi says he cannot lie. Krishna asks Bheem to kill “innocent” Ashwathama.

Dhrista is fighting with Drona…Yudi n Bheem go to find Ashwi. Karn sees Nakul n Sahadev and starts fighting with them. Has something snapped in his brain after seeing Ghato? Why is he fighting with them rather than looking for arch nemesis Arjun? Drona almost kills Dhrista but is saved by Arjun who tells him to take his father’s body back to camp. So Pandavas kitty party is finally over. Well who can blame them for grabbing an extra cuppa after fighting the whole night?

Sorry I digress. Arjun asks Gurudev to fight with his fav pupil. And the end.

Precap: Pandavas infront of Drona…Krishna asking Yudi to tell Drona if Ashwi has really died as he has never lied in his life. Drona looking mortified.

Update Credit to: trintring

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  1. trintring you’re write up is silly, worse than tanaya. Best is Bhavaani so far!

  2. Do you really think it is a JOKE? The worst write up I have ever seen.

  3. you are right abinav.
    ek to yaar itna late hua ki rat ke 12 bate tak update hi nhi hua upar se aisa update hai kuch samajh me hi nahi aa rha you shd take care trintring

  4. I agree with Abhinav.. this is very silly to read a written update of great epic mahabharat in this way. . Please don’t make it a fun

  5. The worst type of written update. Earlier, I guess Hassan used 2 update or so. But whosoever updated, u did it 2day & next commenting on their situation & not in a serious tone. This is a historical epic, so plz stop giving ur personal comments & if u r updating it frm now on, den I’ll never read mahabharat’s updates anymore.

  6. This is a worst update. Don’t add your personal comments. It decreases the essence of the story.

  7. Please don’t use such a rude words to describe great epic story of mahabharat, u did write enough detail but it would be better if there weren’t bad words…by the way, Tanaya used to update very soon after the episode aired,please do so…thankzzzz

  8. What on earth is wrong with you? We come here to read ACTUAL updates of the sitcoms aired, no your pseudo notes on them. And FYI if you did at any point feel that the above written ‘stuff’ was even remotely cool, you, my friend have been greatly misled.
    Such a disappointment.

  9. The writer has no respect to narrate the great epic of Mahabharat to international audience. Please use proper English in the write up, this is part of your great culture…be respectful to your own culture!

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