Mahabharat 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 19th February 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Yudhishtir telling everyone that all 5 Pandavas have married Draupadi. Everyone is shocked and Gandhari drops the aarti thali. Shakuni laughs saying 1 woman has 5 husbands. Bhim and Arjun become angry and Bhishma looks disappointed. Bhishma shouts that this is adharma. Bhishma says he was waiting for dharma’s arrival and tells Yudhishtir that you 5 brothers have come here after doing this adharma. He storms away leaving everyone else there. Dhritrashta also leaves and Gandhari follows him. Shakuni and the Kauravas leave laughing at the Pandavas.

Inside the palace Shakuni is STILL LAUGHING! He says that Yudhishtir has ruined his chances of sitting on the throne. Shakuni says the Pandavas have always followed the path of righteousness but their one misdeed has

thrown water over all of their good work. Duryodhan says it feels like God is on his side now. He asks Shakuni what they should do next, but Shakuni says whatever needs to be done will be done by that old man Bhishma. Shakuni thinks that Bhishma will crown Duryodhan as King instead of Yudhishtir.

Bhishma is alone and Vidhur comes to see him. Vidhur says that there are many reasons why the Pandavas had to make a difficult decision. He tells Bhishma about Kunti’s mistake, but Bhsihma is angry that they accepted this adharma. He says as long as someone has the option of taking sanyaas why would they choose the path of adharma? Vidhur says that if Yudhishtir took sanyaas then they would have no choice but to crown Duryodhan as King. Bhishma says what is the difference now? He starts listing all the things he has been through in his life and says that his patience is finished now. Vidhur tries convincing Bhishma about Yudhishtir but Bhishma tells him to be quiet. Bhishma says he can never accept Yudhishtir’s decision. He says a King should be one who is filled with strength during difficult times and fights his problems, not one who is scared of problems and chooses the path of adharma. Long story short Bhishma tells Vidhur that Yudhishtir has no right to the throne any more.

Inside the palace Yudhishtir says that if Bhishma decided to banish us and make Duryodhan King then we’ll have to accept his decision. Bhim says if that is the case then why did we bother coming back into the palace, we should have left when Bhishma walked away. Yudhishtir says that this is our home, but Nakul replies that a home is where you have rights. Sahadev says that their hearts are pure, since Rishi Vyas saw no adharma in the decision they took. Arjun tells Yudi that there is another matter of importance. If they accept Bhishma’s decision then they will also be accepting that they commited a sin, that Draupadi committed a sin. Arjun says that we cannot let such a stain fall on Draupadi’s character, so we must fight for our rights. Yudhishtir says that if they disobey Bhishma then this will also be a sin. Bhima asks Draupadi what she thinks they should do. Draupadi says she isn’t sure what a dharma sankat is, a problem due to dharma or dharma being in danger. Yudhishtir says that at the moment it is both of these things.
Draupadi says that if you all agree then I would like to speak to Bhishma. Yudi asks why and she says that their rights are in danger and they will have to fight for them tomorrow in the sabha. But their dharma is in trouble because of her so she will sort this out herself. The Pandavas all agree with this.

Precap: Duryodhan says to Draupadi that while having one husband, a woman who keeps relations with another man is called characterless. Duryodhan says that if the Yuvraj’s wife is characterless then is it ok to punish her? Pandavas and Draupadi look furious.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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