Mahabharat 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 18th March 2014 Written Update

The Trio were in jail, dushy blame shakuni n says that they came here for treaty but ended up in jail, shakuni smiles n says that in politics one never knows which cum in their favour, as the dice always keep on changing, they have to play according to dice, dury ask wats the importance of JS’s rajsuye yagya, shakuni says that pandav want to get free from HP, thats why its necessary that JS shud do it n become powerful, they can’t attack on dwarka as its a part of their family now, but if after becuming the powerful of all kings in aryawrat JS ask them to attack on dwarka, they have to attack, they have to take revenge from krishna in dwarka, n also take IP from pandavas, dushy ask how will they get IP, shakuni explain that pandavas will not be able to stand against krishna but they

have to fight for HP, as thy r not free yet, so they’ll loose indirectly as they himself leave IP, shakuni thus send a message for karn via his eagle/kite/shuk.

The message reach karn n as soon as he read it he set up to leave, but vrushali try to stop him saying that its not apt, he says that its his friendship, she ask if dury ask him to take back the throne he’ll take it, he ask her to not argue n was about to leave, she stop him by giving the news of her pregnancy n saying that for dury their will be whole army but for her n their child it will be only him, karn stops.

Next Morning, JS was about to give death punishment to the trio, dury curse mamashree that they r stuck becoz of him but shakuni has full trust on his plan, soon karn arrives their n shot the soldiers, n stand against JS n ask him to fight with him, JS n he had a fight but JS looses in sword fight, karn shot his arrows n tie JS in net.

In IP, arjun explains the model of maya nagar in IP, its structure etc to other brothers, yudi says that it will develop jealously among others, n krishna can’t suggest sumthing like that, at the same moment krishna arrives, arjun says that he’s here n now he himself explain it to them, bhim says that how always he get to know that they need his suggestion.

Yudi put forth his thoughts, on that krishna says that it will not be a symbol of jealousy but the symbol of their prosperity, it will be a symbol of proud for their people, they will feel proud n contribut more, if rajsuyi yagya is a symbol of their power it will be of their prosperity and for him to becum a samrat of aryavrat its necessary, on other side, shakuni says to JS that he always loose from krishna bcoz he dnt have any1 like karn who will spread his power, he has the power but its not wide spread, such ppl are power of them, he shud do rajsuyi yagya n becum samrat, he was talking just opposite of krishna.

In IP, krishna ask them to attack JS, yudi says that they can’t do it as the trio has gone to meet for treaty but arjun says that treaty can’t happen until DR himself go their n take a lower seat n before it happen they attack JS n make magadh a part of HP, theier JS agrees to shakuni appreciating his mind n plans n says he will do it n start it by killing 100 yadavs n the 101 will be krishna, their krishna says that JS’s defeat will be their start of becum chakravarti samrat.

Precap: Krishna with bhim n arjun in disguise reach magadh.

Update Credit to: Amor

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