Mahabharat 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 18th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dury’s dissappointed face when Bhishm asks the ceremony to be stopped. Bhishm had a field day at this scene… he watches everyone’s face as he says that Dury cannot become the king as it is adharm. Sakuni gathers the courage to ask him why. Bhishm says Dury knows how difficult the Kampilya competition was. Only Arjun can win it. If Arjun is alive so is Yudi.
What a logic sirji.

Dury is devastated. So is Sakuni. Dhirt says if they are alive then it is right to stop Dury’s rajyabishek.
Judgement passed.. As if any one cared…

Dury asks then why havent they come for so long.. Sakuni asks to show their face to him.. Bhishm says that vidur has gone to Kampilya to enquire about them.
Dury asks how long they will take to find them..

How long should they wait.. Dhrit takes the cue and asks Bhishm how long will they have to wait.. One day, two day, one week?
Bhishm looks at them as the drums rolls start. Bhishm says no waiting.. they have arrived.. Dharm has come back to Hastinapur.. Dury and gang are disappointed.
1st Heart attack for Dhrit
The Pandavas come inside the palace gates along with Draupadi in the palanquin. Kunti comes in Vidur’s carraige.
As the pandavas desend up the stairs, Dury is upset. Karn consoles him. Sakuni is bemused. Dhrit is confused what to feel. Gandhari is okish.. Bhishm is all smiles
Hehe your time for heart attack is gonna come Bhishm ji.
First Yudi gets blessings from all of the elders. Gandhari asks why they didnt come all these days. Yudi gives them a proper answer.
Then Bheem and Arjun follow. Gandhari asks Arjun where is their pehle bahu. Arjun tells not pehle bahu. she is doosra. Bheem has already married hidimba and he has a son also.
Bhishm is shocked. Dury and his brothers, and Sakuni laugh that he got a Rakshas.
Haha.. First heart attack for bhishm, Second heart attack for Dhrit..
Bheem is looking like a kid caught in doing something wrong. Bhishm recovers and says he wont accept Bheem’s son as a heir for the throne but he will accept him as his pota. Bheem is releived and goes and hugs Bhishm
Haiyee.. good work bheem papa…
Next attack ka time aagaya… Gandhari asks for doosra bahu.. Arjun introduces Panchali. She comes and gets her blessing. All smiles around. Gandhari asks Arjun to come forward to get blessings together. All the five come
Everyone are surpirsed. Yudi says we all got married. Bhishm says then call all your wives too..
Yudi says we all married Draupadi.
Heart attacks for everyone around..

Precap: Bhishm shouts Adharm and says no throne for Yudi.
Dury meri jaan, relax, the pandavas have made your job easier!

Update Credit to: Peeves

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  1. Why do we have to read what you think? Is it very hard to just write the episode as is?

  2. hmm m okk with ur opinions along wid d updates… kinda funny.. padh ne mai mazza aata h.. 😛 thnx 4 ur updates. Peeves

  3. plz write full episode…not by missing some scenes and answers….what appropriate answer did yudii give????

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