Mahabharat 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 17th October 2013 Written Update

Pandu renounces the world , He and his wives dons the garb of ascetic’s and descend the steps of the palace , heading towards the wilderness while Dhritarashtr is anointed as the King and ascends the steps of the throne.

15 months has elapsed , Gandhari’s pregnancy continues with no sign of birth, Dhritarashtra and His mother are getting increasingly worried at the lack of heir, In temper , Dhritarastr stalks into Gandhari’s room and rips into her, accusing her of lies to snag a powerful king, Dhritarashtra also threatens to get remarried if Gandhari fails to give him his Son. He thunders that there can be love between couple only when there is a kid as the binding agent.. Dhritarastra senses the presence of Shakuni and makes it aware to him that he will not back off from his

threat of marrying too .

A distraught Gandhari decides to meditate in front of Shiv until she gets Dhritarashtra his son.

In the forest, Pigeon delivers the happenings of court to Pandu and his wives.. After a while, Pandu and Kunti are tilling the land when a troubled Kunti queries whether a marriage requires a child to keep it bound and in love.. Pandu rejects this surmise and says that a child is the sign of love in the marriage and not the object required to bind the marriage.. He points at their present circumstance and asks whether she has ceased to love him because he will not be able to give any child to her .. Soon talks veer towards niyog and Pandu says Niyog is applicable only when husband dies. Kunti is reminded of her boon.

Kunti informs Pandu about her boon , Pandu is delirious in joy and requests Kunti to propitiate Dharmraj and get a just and balanced child.


Dhritarastra has summoned a learned man to discern the almanac and state the reason for the delay in Gandhari’s birth. The wise one consults the signs and says that the stars are aligned favourably and soon a son will be born who will be balanced, just and righteous . Dhritarashtra is impatient and demands to know when Gandhari will give the child , the child described by the books.. He also warns warns that if delivery does not happen within a period of a month, then the child will have the attributes of Asur and will be a black stain in the family.


Pandu and Kunti pay obeisance to God Dharm and Yudhistr is born.Pandu is ecstatic and holds him up to the world ~ Lion King style ~

Gandhari delivers ; Ambalika and Ambika rush in and are shocked to see something in the cradle.

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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