Mahabharat 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 17th February 2014 Written Update

Its Draupadi’s bidaai… a tearful farewell… Krishna gives her gyaan about the role of husband and wife, and sometimes role reversals… being sourya and dhairya… draupadi says bye to her family… then Yudi asks Krishna to come to hastinapur, but he says he needs to go to Dwarka. He hugs his friend Arjun. He wishes that truth will always win. He says draupadi will cleanse the aryavrat

Krishna and dd push the carriage for draupadi and she looks sadly.

Krishna then speaks with vidur who reaches there and is surprised. He asks him to go back and prepare for the arrival of the princes of Hastinapur.

At Hastinapur, Dhrit is sad as he remembers the words of Dury. He also remembers the circumstances of hi birth and each time he had supported his son. Gandhari comes there. He feels sad that his son has not understood his love and affection for him.
They both cry. Dhrit finally says that he will crown him tomorrow, even if it means that they have to take sanyas.

The nextdyraj guru says that it is not good to crown the son king when the father is alive or not taken sanyas. But dhrit asks him to go ahead.
The ceremony starts. As the crown is about to be placed, Bhishm comes and asks them to stop. All supporters of Dury are dissappoited along with him.

Bhishm announces that the rightful crown prince has arrived as the pandavas enter the palace gates.

Precap- the panda as are welcomed. Gandhari asks Kunti where is the pehli wife of Arjun..
The pandavas and Kunti look at each other awkwardly.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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