Mahabharat 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 16th October 2013 Written Update

In Hastinapur Bhishma is still trying to convince Pandu to stay back. He tells Pandu that he can live like a sanyasin but still be King. Pandu disagrees saying that living in the palace surrounded by wealth it would be too easy to forget his sin. Pandu asks Bhishma for his blessings before going to the forest. Bhishma looks heartbroken

Then we see Shakuni and Dhritrashta. Dhrit tells Shakuni to stop talking nonsense, as he is talking about Pandu going to the forest. Dhrit doesn’t want Pandu to leave, but Shakuni talks badly about Pandu and thinks that Dhrit shouldn’t feel bad for him. He says Dhrit is more worried about Pandu than his unborn son. Dhrit considers this…but they’re interrupted by Gandhari who shouts at Shakuni.
Gandhari tells him to stop digging at old wounds,

but he argues back. She asks Shakuni to stop poisoning her family.Shakuni fills Dhritrashta’s mind by saying that after Pandu, Dhrit’s son will be King. He asks whether Pandu would have given the throne to Dhrit’s son otherwise. Shakuni leaves, and Gandhari asks Dhrit to stop Pandu from leaving, but Dhrit tells her to be quiet.

Next scene is Madri crying in another room, with Kunti and Pandu also there. Madri asks the reason that they have to leave the palace. She says the killing of Rishi Kindam was a mistake, but Pandu says he needs to do penance for this mistake, especially since he is the King. Madri says that the fault is hers so she should be punished, why is he leaving for the forest.
Kunti disagrees saying it’s not Madri’s fault. Madri implies that Kunti believes it’s Pandu’s fault since he was trying to fulfil Madri’s wish for the deer. Madri gets annoyed and promises that now Pandu will only listen to Kunti and not her. Kunti denies this and Pandu tells Madri to stop looking for faults.
Madri asks why should their unborn children also suffer? Madri says if their children are born in the forest then they won’t have any right to the kingdom. Kunti tells Madri to stop planning the future of children who aren’t even born yet. Madri and Kunti argue some more but Pandu butts in,telling them that they can’t even have children. He tells them both about Rishi Kindam’s curse to him. Pandu says that this is the reason for going to the forest. Kunti says they will also come with him. Pandu disagrees but Kunti is adamant. Madri also decides to go with them.

Bhishma and Satyavati are talking by the river. Satyavati is upset at what has happened and says that Hastinapur will be weaker than ever if Pandu leaves. Bhishma says he won’t allow the throne to stay empty, he’ll make put Dhrit on the throne. Satyavati says this is against dharma. Bhishma says he won’t be crowned formally, he’ll be the representative King. Dhrit will be allowed to distribute justice and laws but won’t be able to do the Rajsuryagya. Satyavati agrees and says that they’ll crown the future children of the family, she also wonder whether Dhritrashta will agree to this.

Inside the palace Shakuni finds Dhritrashta doing a handstand! Shakuni asks forgiveness from Dhrit saying that he told Bhishma that Dhrit won’t accept the charity of the kingdom. Dhrit says this is the truth, he won’t accept any leftovers. Shakuni laughs and agrees but says he has been thinking about the idea a bit. He tells Dhrit that the King of Panchal may not be a descendent of Bharat, but he is a descendent of Chandra. Shakuni says maybe they should give him Hastinapur to rule. Dhrit tells Shakuni to shut up. Shakuni says that somone has to do the job and that Dhrit’s son’s can’t be King’s unless Dhritrashta becomes the King. Dhrit says Pandu will have children and they will rule and until then Bhishma and Satyavati can look after the Kingdom. Shakuni tells Dhrit that Pandu cannot have any children.
Suddenly Bhishma arrives and ask Dhrit to be the representative King for Pandu. Dhritrashta looks thoughtful while Shakuni smiles.

Precap: Dhritrashta shouts at Gandhari that he needs a son. If she can’t find a way then he’ll have to find another woman that can give him a son.
In the forest Pandu is excited that Kunti has Rishi Durvasa’s mantra to obtain children. He tells Kunti to invoke Dharma Dev, and we see Yudhishtira born.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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