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Mahabharat 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, duryodhan says few time is left for sunset n u couldn’t reach my brother in law n i promise as soon as the sun sets jaydrath will come in front of u n before that arjun u wont be able to reach him since kauravas are protecting him.
Jaydrath sees the sun setting n says as soon as the sun set i will kill arjun n says soldiers as soon as sun sets we will go to war field. Ashvathama says pandu son guru drons student arjun will lose ,dushasan says this Krishna also coulnt save u duryodhan says arjun don’t forget this Krishna was ur choice n see it didn’t help u. Krishna looks at sun n with his sudarshan chakra hides sun, kauravas think the sun has set, duryodhan says see arjun the sun has set remember ur promise, arjun says to Krishna ur god n surely there is something

good abt me losing. Mamaashri realises that its krishnas trap n decides to go n stop jaydrath. Arjun decides to kill himself as per his promise n proceeds to do so while kauravas laugh at him, jaydrath proceeds to war field. Duryodhan says my dear pandu brothers come watch ur brother die, bheem says arjun stop, yudishtir says arjun will not stop today bheem, jaydrath arrives in front of arjun to burn him n says i will kill u arjun since the sun has set n im still alive, mamashri reaches war field, jaydrath says come mamashri ur idea has worked for us, mamashri turns to Krishna n says vasudev Krishna why has ur sudarshan chakra hidden sun, kauravas are shocked to hear that, Krishna says i was jst making the surrounding look like the sun has set n releases his sudarshan chakra n the sun rays are seen , arjun smiles n with his gandiv attacks jaydrath n say see jaydrath my promise will fulfil, jaydrath says u cnt kill me if my head falls in ur feat u will turn to ash, arjun says don’t worry my attack will take ur head to ur father n not in my feet n arjun attcks jaydrath, kauravas try protect jaydrath but fail n with arjuns attack jaydraths head goes flying in his fathers arms n his father turn to ash. Arjun says this is how all the adarmis will die , there will be blood shed n one by one all the kauravas will die n the one with greater share of adharma will die at the end.
Mamashri shalya says ur sure to lose duryodhan, duryodhan says be in ur limits or else i will kill u, mamashri says silence, shalya says duryodhan is mad n stupid today we have seen arjun n krishnas power, duryodhan says i can see only the bodies of those 5 pandavas, duryodhan says karna u have to kill arjun, karna says i have saved my special weapon for that purpose, dushasan says use it now n kill arjun, karna says i cant use it now for that arjun shd n be on war filed, mamashri says i shall make that arrangements , pandavas are busy in abhimanyus funeral we will take advantage of this situation n kill pandavas by attacking in the dark night.

Krishna says bheem call ur son ghatotkach he has powers to fight during night.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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