Mahabharat 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


DR n gandhari was talking, DR sharing his heart with her, he says that earlier he was angry n hurt n was on an unending ego journey which was giving him pain, but when thr was no news of pandu from war his ego journey ended n he realised that he has done injustice with pandu, thr was no conspiracy against him, it was his destiny. He continue,that with pandu he has done injustice with gandhari n ask her if she accept him now, gandhari got happy, they hug n DR says that ppl respect him so much here n when they have sn he’ll be the eldest n continue thr legacy by sitting to throne after pandu, n ask her if she’s gonna give him thz happiness, she says she can even fight with death for him, he says that when tym cums thy’ll face it together but before that they have to see lots of happiness.

Scene changed, pandu reach jungle with madri n kunti, thr madri saw a deer n ask pandu to get it for her, kunti ask to not kill it, but madri use harsh words for her, pandu scold her n ask them to wait n he’ll bring the deer, as he leaves, madri taunt kunti of being from yadav clan where ppl usualy dnt hunt.

In jungle pandu was following the deer, n shot arrow by listening sound, it hit a rishi n his wife, thy were thr as deer, pandu was shocked, the rishi before dying curse him that if he get intimate with any woman, he’ll die. In palace, thr was sum function going on n thr thy get to know that gandhari is pregnant, thr was happiness all around with thz news.

At the same time pandu arives n got the news but he was so lost in that accident, thr was no happiness on his face, satyawati ask that n he says that sumtimes when so much happiness cum like that ppl dnt knw how to react, he says that he’s very happy n congrats DR. He then move towards throne n told every1 that in jungle he killed a rishi by mistake n now he’s not worth of a king, so he leaves the throne n title, it shocked every1.

Scene changed, bhishm came to make him understand that thr’s many way to get rid of this sin, he can do daan, hawan, fasting, etc but pandu has the weight of that sin, he was still on thz decision.

Precap: Pandu told madri n kunti that thy r not able to have kids becoz of that curse.

Update Credit to: Amor

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