Mahabharat 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 15th March 2014 Written Update

It started with dual lamination of the wedding ceremony. Shakuni came to Balram and balsam said he had no intention of insulting hastinapur or Duryodhan. Shaken I said he is not angry but of Balram wants to seek forgiveness he should seek it from subhadra.

Balram says what do you mean????

Shakuni says that if a flower becomes adornment of a courtesan instead of being used in worship of The Lord it is not an insult of The Lord but it is bad luck of the flower.

Balram stares angrily shakuni explains saying Drupads daughter had taken vow from the pandavas that none of there other wives will ever enter their kingdom. Now subhadra will have to stay here forever while Arjun will come to meet her. Whole Aryavrat will laugh at you

Balram angrily tells Arjun that yadavs will

never accept this. Arjun has two alternatives. Either stay at dwarika forever or at this very moment take Subhadra along with him to Indraprastha.

At Indraprastha a dasi comes to Draupadi and says Prince Arjun is about to arrive and king has asked you to come ready with arti. Draupadi is very happy . She starts to go. The maid says he has also asked to do Aarati of the new bride. Draupadi says new bride??? She is shocked

Arjun and subhadra arrive at the City Gate. Draupadi is so angry that fire forms from her eyes and envelops the gate blocking the path of Arjun. She says you have broken my faith . If you want to stay with your second wife you can’t come inside. She goes angrily

Yudhishthir comes there and Arjun does Pranav to him. He says Panchali’s anger is justified. We did promise her. Arjun tells him about what Balram had said

The four brothers tell Arjun to stay there while they go and try to pacify panchali. They tell her that Kingdom is incomplete without Arjun. Draupadi says my life is incomplete without him but my tapasya is very important to me. Yudhishtir says how we will accomplish rajsurya yagya without Arjun … .? Draupadi says is it all about kingdom to you??? Then why don’t you attack hastinapur. A little soil erosion is enough to make great rocks fall. Same is true for dharma and tapasya. So Arjun will not be allowed entry.

At the gate subhadra asks Arjun won’t jiji come to welcome them ??? Arjun says they may not even get entry to the city. Subhadra moves forward. Arjun asks her where are you going??? Sukhada says to get you forgiveness

At palace a maid comes with some symbols of Krishna and says a shepherdess has given these to you for safe keeping. It’s morpankh and bansuri. Draupadi comes out and says are you subhadra. Subhadra says I am a shepherdess from dwarika she does Pranam but draupadi turns away

She says when I had started from dwarika my brother had given me something’s of his for safe keeping. But I don’t think I will be able so I want you to keep them for me. Draupadi says but your husband is a powerful worrier . He can keep anything safe. Subhadra says but to keep memories safe one need not be a worrier one needs love and sacrifice and my husband has broken his vow…

Draupadi says subhadra he is my husband too and I will not listen to his insults

Sub hafar says no I was talking of the vow he gave to me. Draupadi says and what was that ??? Subhadra says he had said that I will be the most important in indraprastha??

Draupadi asks her you want to be the queen ??? Sub hard says no queen is so busy , I want to be the queen of the queen meaning I want to rule the heart of the queen

Draupadi smiles and says Arjun cannot say this, I am sure govind thought you this. Subhadra said yes my brother told me that if you have invoked a problem you shoul also go prepared with a solution. Where sudarshan does not work bansuri works mostly.

Precap. Start of the jaradandha story

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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  1. Just a bst turn in the story

  2. poor Arjun cant enter in his own State with his new wife , but i completely aggree with panchali about the vow taken by the pandavas while getting married to her

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