Mahabharat 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, yudishtir says to arjun its our fault we couldn’t protect abhimanyu plz forgive us,arjun asks why couldn’t u protect my son,nakul says its bcoz of jaydrath he had lord mahadevs blessings to stop everyone except u,arjun says i had given jaydrath his life back n he backstabbed n now its my promise to my son that i shall not live jaydrath alive, arjun on his horse reaches kauravas n begin to attack,mamashri says arjun the sun has set n now u cant attack,arjun says im not here to attack but punish, he throws ashvathama n dushasan ut of his way, also mamashri shakuni, he goes to jaydrath n attacks him, guru dron says arjun its adharma to fight after sunset, arjun says guru dron u have ashamed me n arjun is dead n its jst a father taking revenge of his sons death, arjun begins

to attack jaydrath, kauravas try to stop him,bheem nakul sahadev enter n attack those trying to stop arjun from killing jaydrath, guru dron says take ur revenge tomorrow plz listen to ur guru, sahadev says u all didn’t feel ashamed to attack a kid n now tell us abt dharma we are ashamed of calling u guru, guru dron says if u go by adharma ur sons death will go waste n yudishtir will have to quit since u will have broken rules so plz stop don’t forget it was bhishma n mine dream to see yudishtir on throne don’t break rules n stop attacking,yudishtir enters n request arjun to stop he says abhimanyus death will go waste so plz stop, arjun stops attacking, duryodhan enters, arjun says jaydrath i had forgiven u n now i shall kill u tomorrow with sunrise mu son will go to heaven n u to hell n if this dosent happen i shall kill myself.
Dushasan says arjuns death is fixed, jaydrath says ur right my father has blessed me ,my head lays in front of whoever during death he shall die n im ready to sacrifice for kauravas , duryodhan says don’t worry jaydrath we shall protect u, karna says arjun is very angry is disturbed n its difficult to stop him, mamashri says i have an idea. Dritrashtra asks sanjay way is mamashris idea n surely Krishna must have made arrangements to save arjun.
War begins n arjun proceed unstoppable , arjun reaches guru dron, guru dron says arjun today u shall never reach jaydrath, arjun says don’t come in my way today im fighting for my son n shall not stop, arjun attacks guru dron n proceeds further. Arjun reaches karna, karna says fight with me arjun, arjun says karna call me abhimanyus father n u shall not face this father today.
Kunti n other pandav ladies are updated abt the war status, draupadi says arjuns soul is here in abhimanyu n on war field is fire of revenge.
Ashvatahma attacks arjun but dosent succeed, arjun reaches duryodhan, duryodhan says i have made arrangements for ur funeral since few time is left for sunset n u couldn’t reach my brother in law jaydrath.

Duryodhan says the sun has set n u lost arjun, Krishna brings back the sun raise with help of sudharshan chakra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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