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Mahabharat 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, krishna shows draupadi the rising sun n says now the new era has begin. pandvas go to bhishma and take his blessings, yudishtir says today this war has ended , we have faced lot of death n we don’t know when this sins will be washed away from us, bhishma says this war was for dharma n so there was no sin in ur side yudishtir ur the new king now make good use of ur powers, yudishtir says but i don’t have any experience, plz help me, bhishma says ur dharma will help u always remember a kings duty is to give justice happiness n peace n it is very important for a king n u have all these in ur heart never let them fade my blessings are always with u, arjun says pitamha i have finished my duty n i want to be with u now, bhishma says u four brothers shd always be there for yudishtir

u shd help him in his duty n when sun will move to uttarayan i will go with it, my blessings are with u n now u go to my city hastinapur n now in my hastinapur dharma n justice will get there right position, pandavas take bhishmas blessings n leave for hastinapur.
In hastinapur dritrashtra gandhari n kunti worshipping lord mahadev, hear pandavas coming to hastinapur, dritrashtra says my sons killer has come n now i shall kill him, vidhur says he is king now u shd welcome him, gandhari says he is a killer i shall not welcome him, kunti u go welcome ur sons, kunti says no sister if u don’t go even i shall not go, vidhur says dritrashtra u shd go it is necessary , dritrashtra says for sure i will come n for that bheem he very terribly killed my sons, today i will in hastinapur will kill bheem while asking him to hug me, gandhari says kunti looks like u have no wish to save ur sons, kunti says if they are supposed to die they will , the power which saved them these 18 days will save them today as well, pandavas with draupadi arrive, dritrashtra says i hastinapurs defeated king welcomes u, yudishtir says we are no winners we are the ones who have returned killing their own brothers plz forgive us n we are ready to accept any punishment, dritrashtra says forgiveness its my dharma to forgive u but i cant my heart doesn’t let me, why didn’t bheem ask for forgiveness , bheem says uncle plz forgive me plz allow me touch ur feet, dritrashtra says no feet come give me a hug, dritrashtra with his nails harm bheems arms, bheem says plz forgive me plz, dritrashtra pushes him away, dritrashtra hears duryodhans painful screams n says bheem come come hug me, bheem walks to dritrashtra , krishna keeps a statue beside him in front of dritrashtra, thinking it is bheem dritrashtra harms the statue , the statue breaks in pieces , dritrashtra starts crying n says im sorry bheem i was angry on u son so i did this plz forgive me, krishna says maharaj u didn’t attack bheem but ur anger bheem is alive, n so now u forgive him n hug him with all ur love, dritrashtra walks to bheem n say i forgive u son n hug him, n gives him blessings, pandavas n draupadi take dritrashtras blessings, dritrashtra says come sons welcome to hastinapur.

While yudishtir is been crowned gandhari comes n says krishna u destroyed my family n now in front of ur eyes ur family will be destroyed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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