Mahabharat 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 14th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Krishna! He tells us that in everyone’s life there comes a time when we decide to tell the truth but we aren’t able to say anything out of fear. Sometimes we are afraid of the other person’s reaction. Krishna asks what is Truth? When we feel afraid and still we speak out, this is called the truth. The truth is just another name for being unafraid,he says. There is no particular time to be unafraid, this is but natural to our soul. Krishna says, therefore shouldn’t every moment be a moment to tell the truth?

Back at Hastinapur, Kunti is worried since no news has come on Pandu. Gandhari says we’ll surely hear some good news soon. Then the sound of drums occurs, indicating that some important news has arrived. Kunti and Gandhari arrive in the sabha. Vidhur

reads the letter and says it is good news. Vidhur tells them that Pandu has won the war, Kunti is relieved and Dhritrashta is annoyed. Satyavati says she was sure of Pandu’s victory and that he has proved himself to be a worth King. Dhrit and Shakuni look angry, while everyone else (Bhishma, Ambika, Ambalika etc) look pleased. Gandhari tells Kunti that the happy phase of her life begins now. Kunti tells her that she is happy, she knows that the throne takes first place with the King, she doesn’t mind being in second place. Gandhari rebukes her and says that the wife whose husband doesn’t pay attention to her is like living hell. Gandhari tells the dasi’s to get Pandu and Kunti’s room decorated.
The drums bajao again (everyone looks shocked ) and Vidhur reads the letter. He tells everyone that Pandu has married the King of Madra’s sister…Madri. This was because Hastinapur had helped Madra fight their war, and so Madra wanted to thank Hastinapur (nowadays we just give chocolates, much easier no?) The women of the court look shocked and Kunti looks disturbed. Then she tells the dasi’s to start arranging the welcome for Maharaj Pandu and his new wife.

A little while later we see arrangments being done for the welcome.Kunti is remembering what her friend said, that if her husband were to get another wife, then Kunti’s secret could be a danger to her position. She reties the black thread around her wrist.

Then Pandu’s chariot arrives. Everyone is outside the palace waiting to welcome him. We see Madri step out from behind Pandu. Kunti takes the aarti tray from Gandhari and does the aarti of Pandu and Madri. Kunti welcomes Madri as Maharaj Pandu’s second wife. Kunti still looks upset but Pandu and Madri are all smiles. Ambalika says to Ambika that she was worried that Kunti would get upset and storm off after hearing that Pandu had remarried. Ambika says she has hidden her pain, but Ambalika wants to believe that everything will be ok.

Pandu asks Dhritrashta for his blessing. Pandu announces that he always thought of one warrior throughout his life. Pandu says that he always aimed to be like this person, and that he is the biggest inspiration for Pandu. Everyone wonders who this person is. Pandu says, he is my older brother Dhritrashta. Dhrit is shocked and a bit emotional. He hugs Pandu while everyone seems pleased that things are sorted between them. All except Shakuni who starts muttering, but stops when Bhishma hears and gives him a dirty look. Shakuni tries to cover up with a fake smile.

Pandu and Madri take blessings from Satyavati and Bhishma. They tell him how proud they are of him but worry that he must be tired also. Satyavati decides that Pandu needs rest and that he should go on a holiday to the forest with his wives. Pandu tries to say something, but Satyavti tells him she doesn’t want any discussions on this matter. She says his wives have a right to spend some time with him. Madri is happy hearing this, but Kunti looks upset and walks away from there.

Kunti goes to the room that had been decorated for her and Pandu and begins to cry. Kunti tears down the decorations so the whole room is messed. Suddenly she turns around to find Madri watching her. Kunti tells her that Pandu and Madri’s room is on the other side of the palace. Kunti calls for a dasi and tells her to show Madri to her room. Madri runs and kneels at Kunti’s feet and begins to cry. She tells Kunti that she fell in love with Pandu after hearing about his fighting skills. Madri says that she didn’t know that Pandu was already married and also that the very day of his marriage he had left to go to war. Madri asks Kunti to forgive her. She says that she had sinned unknowingly, and asks Kunti to forgive her. Madri says won’t Kunti accept her little sister? Kunti lifts Madri up and tells her she has done nothing wrong. Kunti says she will have the same respect that Kunti has. Madri says that she is relieved hearing Kunti’s words as she had throught she would have to compete with Kunti over Pandu’s love. Kunti looks uncomfortable but says that there is no rivalry between them. Madri smiles and says she knew there would be no competition just by seeing Kunti. Madri says she is younger to Kunti and also more beautiful, so it would be better for Kunti not to compete with Madri. Kunti looks too shocked to speak, while Madri smiles and says she had better leave since Maharaj will be waiting for her.

Scene shifts to Gandhari doing an abhishek of a Shivling, with Sughda helping. Sughda says she is sad over what has happened to Kunti. Gandhari agrees but says she has faith that Pandu will treat them both equally. Gandhari says that since they have gone to the forest for a holiday she is sure that Kunti and Madri will become close. Gandhari is sad, and says that it is very unfortunate if you don’t get the love of your husband. Just then a dasi arrives with news that Dhritrashta has called for Gandhari.

Precap: Pandu shoots an arrow in the forest and it hits Rishi Kindam and his wife. As he dies Rishi Kindam curses Pandu that if he tries to make love to a woman, then he will die. Pandu looks SHOCKED!

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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