Mahabharat 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 14th March 2014 Written Update

Subhadra and Arjun decide to marry each other. Subhadra says that krishna surely have arranged their wedding in dwarka, there in mandap DR declare war against dwarka. Meanwhilesubhadra and arjun arrives, takes blessings from kunti, subhy goes to balraam n arjun promise kunti that they’ll take her to IP by making it a free kingdom, kunti bless him.

Krishna to stop it plays another trick , he says that if they’ll not accept subhadra as their DIL that means they are freeing IP from their control, So, either they have to welcome Arjun’s wife as a member of thr family, or they have to declare Indraprasth as a free kingdom, which does not belong to thr family.

DR says ohk thy’ll accept her. Dury got angry n take out his khanjar but shakuni stops him saying that

its not his but not shakuni’s personal revenge from yadav’s and he’ll destroy them, but when Krishna gives the witty look to him, he trembles.

Other side, draupadi was spending her 1 year in kutiya as a sanyasin as its arjun’s turn n she was supporting him, bhim sent a piece of ladoo for her but she says she can’t have it as arjun might also not having such stuff but the dasi insist so she returns 1 of eatables n take the ladoo.

There, Arjun gets married to Subhadra. Before taking the promise Arjun closes his eyes and ask for sorry from draupadi saying that he’s doing it to protect dharma.After that Arjun and Subhadra touch the feet of elders. DR blesses them rudely n ask to not cuum to HP thr gifts will reach IP n leaves, arjun ask gandhari to bless subhadra n she did, When they touch the feet of Bhishma, he disagrees to bless them. He says that this is adharm, krishna interupts. n says that he dnt need to bless them as he’s a father figure to them n his blessings are always with them.

Bhishma says that this is adharm. Kuruvansh has been insulted here so he can never support this. Then Vasudev Krishna swells with strong verbal logic to make understand Bhishma what is wrong and what is right. Dharam is parampara and they can’t break it, Krishna explains that replies that tradition is like a mango. At first bitter, then sour, the sweet and at last gets rotten. One tradition can’t last for a long time. Tradition must be broken and recreate whenever required.

Bhishm ask if he’s gonna decide which parampara need to be changed, krishna says no, time will decide it, time will bring the change, In this war between Dharm and Adharm, which side will he support that depends on him, Adharm will start this war and Dharm will establish a new era and this is certain, nobody can stop this, bhishm is speechless.

Precap: Arjun and Subhadra reach Indraprastha but Draupadi forbids them from entering the palace , she draws a line of fire preventing Arjun and Subhadra from crossing.

Update Credit to: Amor

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