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Mahabharat 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abhimanyu says tell my father that i didn’t let him down n to my mother that i didn’t give-up even during my death, karna steps down his rath n walks towards abhimanyu, duryodhan says karna its not time to kill abhimanyu but karna neglects n walks towards abhimanyu n hugs him n says son its time for u to walk towards heaven with pride n the world’s greatest warriors post dosednt belong to me or arjun but u n im proud of it n stabs abhimanyu, Krishna feels abhimanyus death n is in tears, abhimanyu smiles even while dying, karna lays him down, pandavas yell in pain, duryodhan says its not yet sunset why did u kill him, karna says its sunset when a great warrior like abhimanyu dies, duryodhan ashvathama mamashri n dushasan laugh at abhimanyus death n kick his dead body saying

pandu sons today we will celebrate this kids death, the war for the day is called of as the sunsets, jaydrat runs away.
Pandavas run to abhimanyus body, bheem says come fight u losers six warriors killed this little kid, bheem says nakul go get ur medicines n save abhimanyu even if u need my life take it but save my son, arjun says Krishna wat kind of pain is it its killing me wat kind of pain is it, Krishna says be strong when its war u have to bare pain, arjun says stop the rath he sees abhimanyu n steps down n walks to him n asks him why are u standing here abhimanyu, abhimanyu says for ur praises father,arjun smiles n says i praise u even in my dreams but why u need ur praises here, abhimanyu says bcoz here i fought with warriors like karna,guru dron, duryodhan, arjun says good sun, abhimanyu says i fought with them till my life ends n never gave away my weapons, arjun gets shocked ,abhimanyu says yes father u shd be proud of me all the warriors had fear of death, my weapons fell down but i didn’t let my confidence go,arjun says why are u bleeding come lets go nakul n sahadev,abhimanyu says that wont help i will be now always be here till war ends n very greatful to be ur son n my soul will be happy to see that uncle duryodhan gets punished for his deeds n i shall wait for u on this warfield , Krishna blesses abhimanyu when he looks at him, abhimanyu disappears from arjuns hand.
Draupadi sees abhimanyus body lying in front of her, she keeps the rakshkavach near him n memorises her first meet with him n says dear son i shall not cry on ur death bcoz im proud of u n very happy to know that ur son shall rule our further generation, bheem says draupadi make arrangements for abhimanyus funeral, draupadi says how can i when im dying as well with every death, subhadra n uttara go to abhimanyus body, uttara says abhimanyu u cant leave me n go how did u die when u had ur uncles protecting u n how will i spend rest of my life without u, subhadra says i wish before death u could atleast feel the happiness that ur gonna be father, get up what will i tell ur father, uttara says abhimanyu u had promised to be with me whole life n so now take away me with u, arjun comes n sees abhimanyu lying down.

Arjun even when the sunsets go to kauravas side n attacks them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Abimanyu we will miss you a lot you are really a great warrior

  2. its going to rock abimanyu seriously u r the best warrior

  3. Thank yuh.. for posting the episode.. neatly written.. yuh r doin a great job.. I’ve surfing the net for a verry long time buh ending up getting videoes only.. Thanks again for posting the update..:)

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