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Mahabharat 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, yudishtir bheem arjun nakul sahadev enter the tent n are shocked to see their sons dead. Ashvathama goes to duryodhan n shows him the swords with blood, duryodhan says friend u have given peace to me n satisfied my soul n closes his eyes . draupadi sees someone burn me as well i cant see my sons laying dead in front of me, subhadra n uttara tries to console heart broken draupadi, draupadi says i first lost my abhimanyu then ghatotkach n now lost my five sons as well, subhadra says keep calm sister don’t loose ur calm, bheem says ashvathama i will not leave u , arjun says i will punish ashvathama, i never thought fighting for dharma i will have to loose all my kids, pandavas get up n walk to punish ashvathama. Ashvathama during duryodhans funeral says i have fulfilled ur last

wish n according to sayings one who dies with his last wish fulfilled goes to heaven n im sure u will be happily live in heaven, ashvathama turns n shocks to see five pandavas walking towards him, arjun says duryodhan tough our enemy but was my brother n i will not allow u to conduct my brothers funeral, ashvathama says shut up how are u all alive i killed u, yudishtir says we would have forgiven u if u killed us but u have killed our sons, ashvathama starts laughing n says look dear friend duryodhan i didn’t kill ur enemies but have killed their inner peace , i have killed all their sons n this means u won my friend, bheem holds ashvathamas neck n says fool adharma never wins n our generation hasn’t ended our future generation is in uttaras womb, nakul stabs ashvathama , ashvathama says u foll pandavas i can never die n pulls the sword out of his stomach n now i will not kill u but make u feel wat is death n now with my brahma astra will destroy uttaras womb, ashvatham uses his brahmastra , arjun says u evil ashvathama wat have u done this, ashvathama says now see ur future destroying right in front of ur eyes, arjun says bring back ur brahmastra or else i will destroy the earth, ashvathama says go ahead let me see wat u can do, bheem says arjun u use ur brahmastra, arjun says there will be great destroy n explosion if i do so, sahadev says for saving the future we need to do so, so plz use ur brahmastra arjun, arjun agrees n uses his brahmastra to destroy ashvathamas brahmastra, krishna comes n says wat have u done arjun if these brahmastra collide there will be a big explosion n nothing will remain, arjun says sorry krishna i order my brahmastra to come back, krishna says ashvathama u too bring back brahmastra , ashvathama says i will never do so, n i know no one amongst u have the power to destroy me n my brahmastra, bheem says krishna if uttaras womb is destroyed the future for whose safety we fought will go vain.

Ashvathamas brahmastra goes n struck uttara.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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