Mahabharat 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 12th March 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Krishna gesturing that Shakuni should join him. Shakuni is nervous but decides to go to find out what Krishna’s new plan is.

In the palace of Dwarka, Subhadra is getting ready, but looks sad. Kunti comes to meet her and presents her with her bridal ornaments on behalf of Gandhari. Subhadra hugs Kunti and cries. She asks Kunti whether these ornaments represent her good fortune or her bad luck, and asks why she is being made to marry Duryodhan.
Kunti says that Balrama decided on this relationship himself. Kunti tells Subhadra that if she doesn’t agree to this marriage then there will be enmity between Hastinapur and Dwarka. Subhadra says what about my feelings?
Subhadra tells Kunti that she already thinks of her son as her husband. Kunti is shocked and

says this is a big dilemma.
Subhadra tells Kunti to order Arjun to come to Dwarka and marry her! Kunti says that Arjun is in exile at the moment and even she isn’t privy to his whereabouts.
Subhadra is upset and says despite having two strong brothers she doesn’t have the freedom to choose her own husband.
She says her life has become a political game.Kunti tells her that even Krishna has accepted the relationship between the Kurus and Yadavas. Kunti tells Subhadra to have faith on Krishna as he would never do anything adharm, even Arjun had told me this.
A dasi comes to inform Subhadra that Krishna has called her to Somnath to bring a jata dhari mahatma (Arjun) back to Dwarka.

Back to the beach with Krishna playing a game with lots of children. Shakuni arrives and Krishna greets him. Krishna tells Shakuni to enjoy the ocean when one of the kids throws a ball at Shakuni
He starts telling Krishna about mountains in Gandhar when he’s hit by another ball! Krishna tells the children to be careful One of the children addresses Krishna as Father, and Krishna introduces him as Pradyumn (I guess CV’s omitted the real story of him being kidnapped) Pradyumn asks for the ball and Krishna asks Shakuni to join them in the game.

At Somnath Subhadra arrives where Arjun is meditating. A dasi asks him to bless Subhadra as she is soon to be married. Arjun says why is she asking a tapasvi for worldly pleasures? But Subhadra says she wants his blessing that her wedding doesn’t take place.
Arjun tells her to obey her older brother’s orders as if Krishna has decided that the Yadavas stay on the side of Hastinpur then this must be correct.
Subhadra looks confused and asks Arjun whether he knows her brother. A dasi interrupts saying that Mahatmas are all knowing.
Subhadra says that Krishna has called him to Dwarka.

At the beach, Krishna and Shakuni are stacking some white stones inside a circle. Shakuni tells Krishna that he loves his nephews and always looks out for their best interests, but you are interfering in my plans.
Krishna smirks at this and asks what his plan is.
Shakuni tells Krishna that the Kurus have given his sister Gandhari a lifetime of darkness so the least they can do is give her the position of Queen.
Krishna wonders how he is interfering in this?
Shakuni tells him that if Indraprasta becomes an independent kingdom then this will be unfair to Gandhari and her sons. Shakuni wants the Kuru kingdom to be whole again, and Krishna agrees with this.
Shakuni wants Duryodhan to be King of the entire Kuru lands and wants Yadavas help with this. Shakuni says he has convinced Balrama to get Duryodhan and Subhadra married, and Krishna says that even in this I didn’t interfere. Even I feel that Kuruvansh and Yaduvansh should be joined.
Shakuni smiles and asks Krishna what his plan is. Krishna replies that his plan is a simple one. Whichever side follows Dharma, that is the side he will support.

Krishna asks Shakuni what is the problem now? Shakuni tells him that he knows that Arjun is in Somnath.
Krishna says he only asked him to come to finish his prayers nothing more. Shakuni warns Krishna that if Arjun is in Somnath and becomes a part of Krishna’s plan then Hastinapur will become an enemy of Dwarka for sure.
Krishna laughs and says he doesn’t lie, Arjun isn’t in Somnath, but feel free to check if you doubt my words.

At Somnath, Shakuni and Dushasan come to check if Arjun is there. They don’t see him and Shakuni is sure that he must be in Dwarka now.

Krishna meets Subhadra and Arjun in Dwarka. Subhadra is upset with Krishna and he informs her that the man she brought along is Arjun in disguise.

Precap: Krishna says to Subhadra that because of me you had tears in your eyes, and tells Arjun that he will have to solve this problem. Arjun says he cannot marry Subhadra.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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