Mahabharat 12th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abhimanyu says to guru dron that m arjuns son n so i shall not die so easily, guru dron attacks again on abhimanyu, Krishna feels the pain that abhimanyu is feeling, arjun asks Krishna wat pain is he feeling, Krishna says everyone has to bare pain even u shall have to bare but that shouldn’t stop u from ur duty.
Abhimanyu is attacked by guru dron,abhimanyu refuses to give up , yudishtir n other pandavas are unable to protect abhimanyu, abhimanyu starts attacking guru dron, duryodhan says karna attack n destroy abhimanyus weapon,karna says he is injured , duryodhan says its my order destroy his weapon, karna follows duryodhans orders, ashvathama attacks abhimanyu with sword, dushasan attacks abhimanyu by gadha n mamashri with sword, abhimanyu dosent give up n keeps fighting

them when mamashri stabs abhimanyu with sword, pandvas yell with pain, giri dron also feels bad, but abhimanyu still gets up n begins to fight with the raths wheel ,mamashri shakuni stabs abhimanyu back, Krishna is bearing the pain abhimanyu is bearing , duryodhan says kid u wanted to see my strength now u will have to beg for ur life n i shall give it to u, abhimanyu says u call it pain i thought t was mamashri blessings, duryodhan says give this kid such pain that his mothers couldn’t bare his scream n he shd yell in pain,duryodhan steps down his rath looks a yudishtir n steps on abhimanyus neck, arjun realises he is in tears , duryodhan pulls abhimanyu n says show ur uncle ur face, bheem says duryodhan leave abhimanyu he is kid, yudishtir says duryodhan ur his uncle don’t give him pain, duryodhan says remember vikant n my other brothers face u never left them n i was burning in pain with their death n so shall u pandavas with abhimanyus death,duryodhan looks at abimanyu n says beg beg for ur life i have a big heart n i shall give u death, abhimanyu says ur right uncle my uncle has big heart but its not u its uncle yudishtir, ashvathama mamshri shakuni n dushasan attack abhimanyu, karna says its time for sunset kill abhimanyu, duryodhan says he is still smiling he hasn’t yelled even once with pain he has to beg n only then i shall give him death, yudishtir asks guru dron to kill abhimanyu n not give him such pain, duryodhan says bheem abhimanyus pain is becoz of u n draupadis five sons will die similarly,Krishna is also in tears coz abhimanyus situation, abhimanyu keeps defending himself from the attacks n attacks as well, duryodhan lifts his gadha n says getup kid n beg but abhimanyu refuses, duryodhan hits abhimanyus head, abhimayu still gets up n smiles n says uncle tell my father i didn’t let him down n tell my mother that i didn’t let my enemies defeat me even during my death.

Karna hugs abhimanyu n says im proud of u abhimanyu n stabs him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Abimanyu you a great warrior you are too great

  2. Correct!
    And really handsome too;);)

  3. star plus is showing the whole story in wrong manner.
    according to original version of mahabharat by vedvyas abhimanyu defeated all of them one by one. then all maharathi attack simultaneously and killed abhimanyu
    guru drona made vyuh not for murder of abhimanyu instead vyuh was made to capture yudhistara but abhimanyu sacrificed his life to save pandva from defeat

  4. This depiction of Abhimanyu is not correct. He fought everybody and defeated all of them individually. That’s why they all ganged up and attacked him together. He never gave away his weapons to allow everyone to attack him so easily. Where is the fight??

  5. even Abhimanyu kill Durodhan son Lakshman before die in this chakrvyauh . but they not show any son of durodhan at the time of fight

  6. Feels very bad and crying while seeing good ones die

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