Mahabharat 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 11th October 2013 Written Update

Karn is seen walking with a determined tread towards the pond, he stands atop a boulder and drops the bow and archery into the pond.

Kunti is in her bedroom, waiting for Pandu, she decides to tell him the truth about her past and unties the black thread, Pandu descends the staircase holding on to a jewel box, both smile at each other..Pandu walks towards Kunti ..opens the box and gives her a tiara as the wedding gift .In a romantic gesture , Pandu himself tries to set the tiara bemoaning that he finds managing the woman’s hair adornment tougher than administering the Kingdom.

Pandu and Kunti sit down for a heart to heart chat, Pandu confesses that he was bowled over the moment he heard her question and prayed hard that his answer should be the right one, He queries whether

Kunti wanted to test his intelligence , Kunti replies that she wanted to see whether the man she married had heart , for in the final tally..heart trumps over intelligence ..Pandu is pleased and the conversation continues with Kunti screwing her courage to reveal the truth..

Kunti is preparing herself to bring up her past when Bell begins to toll intruding into their privacy, pandu realizes somebody has sent them a message and rushes to the court * extremely efficient telegram system* The Kuru house gather in the court, Rajmaata refuses to send Pandu citing his newly wed status , Bhishm volunteers to go in Pandu’s stead but before anything can come out of it, Dhrithrashtr cuts in says that as king it is important that the king should head the army himself rather than sending a proxy for the king is being tested , he sarcastically states that he wll volunteer to go ..he might be blind but he does know how to fight . Pandu agrees with Dhrithrashtr , says that the enemy kings are flexing their arms , wanting to test Pandu’s might..and it is appropriate that HE should lead the army himself ..Rajmata brings up the Kunti card and tries to weaken Pandu’s resolve but is stalled.

Pandu heads to his chamber , apologizes to Kunti for leaving her alone on their first night and heading to madr to fight , Kunti proves the able and understanding wife and takes his aarti * The happy proud pooja thaal wala aarti not the scolding, chiding wala aarti* , wishes him success ..

Kunti is about to apply the tilak when the thread she was holding falls on the chest of Pandu, Kunti is momentarily discomfited .. Pandu notices her absorbed llook and asks her to say what she is keeping in her heart, Kunti quickly denies says that she was just wishing for his success and hopes to see him soon after his victory at Madrpur ..

Pandu heads for his first hour.


Kunti is standing on the balcony, waiting for Pandu to come..Gandhari comes towards Kunti, consoles Kunti , tells her to be brave ..Just then the bell tolls .. Kunti gets anxious

Vidur announces that Pandu has won the war and that he also has become the son in law of Madr * we get the first look at madri* Kunti looks broken hearted.

Krishna’s Zubani:

A father does not want his son to suffer, he would like to see his son traversing the same path that he himself had travelled, a laudable thinking but questions .. will the path be the same as before , Is it right in trying to bring up ur son in ur own shadow , what if his talents lie in some other direction , Should one not explore new path , new quests, new adventures , allow them a sense of achievement .. allow them the freedom to make their own choice, to travel their own road..

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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