Mahabharat 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 11th March 2014 Written Update

1) i) Shakuni plays holi with a lot of joy because Arjun has gone for Tapasya. He says to his beloved Duryodhan that Indraprashth is almost barren without Arjun because Rajsuya yagna is not possible without Arjun.

1) ii) Duryodhan is worried because Arjun has married Uloopi and Chitrangada so his strength has increased.

2) Then he plans to empower Duryodhan with the strength of Yadav. He says “there are two most powerful kingdoms in Aryavrat, Jarasandh and Yadav, they have enmity. Jarasandh is adharmi so Pandav will never join hands with Magadh (Jarasandh). We have to take Yadav with us. Krsna is the leader of Yadav and He never alters Balram’s orders so we have to capture Balram.”

3) Then Shakuni suggests Duryodhan to be a student of Balram and win his heart.

4) Draupadi tries to throw an arrow but can’t create. Govind comes over and advises her to make her mind Still.

5) He teaches Draupadi how to make mind Still. Draupadi feels worried about Arjun and tells Govind “perhaps I am being partial to Arjun, I must be equal to all my respected husbands”

6) Then Vasudev says to her that it is just a misconception of hers. She loves all of them equally. Draupadi believes Govind and makes her mind still.

7) Then Arjun enters Somnath temple and sits. Balram and Duryodhan enter. After some time Krsna and Shakuni also enter.

8) Krsna greets Arjun but Shakuni at first does not recognize him. Krsna makes Shakuni touch the feet of Arjun by saying “Mamashree, you should touch the feet of bhagwan Shiv devotees” Shakuni touches Arjun’s feet also but after that recognizes him and gets totally surprised.

9) Krsna plays with children like a child. Shakuni, Duryodhan and Dussasan watch Him from a distance.

10) Shakuni says “I can never understand This Krsna, His intelligence is dangerous. Only He can destroy all my plans.”

11) Krsna all of a sudden looks at Shakuni and he gets startled. He welcomes them to play with children with His monmohak smile.

Update Credit to: Sukanya

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