Mahabharat 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 11th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun asking Draupadi to marry Yudi for Hastinapur throne sake. Drauapdi asks about him, He says that the other four brothers will take sanyas. Any four brothers should take sanyas and if Yudi takes then the throne will suffer.
Draupadi asks Arjun if this was like he was using his skills to win her for his brother? Karn tried to do the same. But he was stopped. But now the same is happening with Arjun too. She asks him what about her sanskar in this. She garlanded one and she is marrying another. Arjun says that there is no other way other than to perform a balidhan on her. She says fine, you perform a balidhan, you ask your three brothers to do so too.. Will your brother be happy to see you all do so?
Arjun realises then and says, then better you

go back to your father, lets cancel this. She asks who will marry her again. She asks if he has forgotten what happened to Amba and if this was a regular practise for the princes of Kuru clan.
Arjun apologises to her and says he has no other way as his other brothers have decided to take sanyas for his sake and turns away from her and walks towards his brothers. Draupadi turns to the river to jump into it as she gets the five blue stones that Krishna gave her and remembers his words.
Near the cottage the brothers are assembled along with Kunti. Yudi says that they should not do such a injustice to Draupadi and the marraige should happen with Arjun.
Draupadi comes there and calls out for Kunti. Kunti says that we have found a way, and Draupadi will marry Arjun while the rest will take sanyas. Draupadi says Sanyas should not be taken as a escape mechanism and also Bheem is already married why should you punish that girl for this as well.
Kunti asks what else we have. Draupadi says that she cant do such a big injustice to Pandu’s vansh.
She looks at the five stones once again, and gaining strength from it, tells Kunti that she is ready to marry all the five.
Yudi shouts that it is ashambav. A higher pitch of ashambhav is heard. They all watch as King Draupad and DD ascend from their carraige.

Draupad screams if these Brahmins decided to share his daughter and what kind of besharm act was that and if they had any dharm in their sense. The five brothers lower their heads in shame. Yudi comes forward to explain but Draupad doesn’t want to hear anything. He asks draupadi to leave to the palace with him. He says that the wedding is cancelled. Draupadi asks if it isn’t a shame if she returns back. Draupad says that other tihngs are all very small when compared to his daughter and he takes her to the carriage. She keeps looking at Arjun as she leaves with her father and Brother.

Kunti breaks down saying why she did such a wrong to this kanya. VedVyas comes there. He tells her if she thought she did wrong what work does god have.. Everyone greet him. Yudi asks for a solution. VedVyas tells that he himself knows the solution but right now he is very restless that’s why he is not able to judge properly.

The five pandavas and Kunti come to Kampilya. Draupad is angry at their audacity and is about to attack them. Krishna stops him.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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