Mahabharat 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 10th October 2013 Written Update

Karna moves towards the carriage bu as Kunti is about to look at him Adhirath drags him away and scalds him. Karna says he only wanted to please the king but Adhirath says that a show of strength doesn’t please the kings and the king will never be pleased to know you know artillery skills better than any king. Show your dedication to the king not your skill. Karan says our king is not like that and the queen she looks so loving. Adhirath doesn’t let Karna go

Treble people come to meet Pandu. Vidur says may they only welcomes you with flowers. The chariot moves on. Karna is upset at not being able to meet the king.

Shakuni sitting with his dice game and says to Dhritrashtra and obstacles are meant to be overtaken. Dhritrashtra says some obstacles cannot be overtaken. Shakuni

says yes some obstacles are created by destiny but even those can be overtaken by dice. Dhritrashtra says he is talking of life not dice game. Shakuni says life is but a dice game. In real we have pawns all around us but we confuse them with humans. Dhritrashtra asks who ? Shakuni says Pandu.

Pandu’s chariot reaches the palace..Ambalika asks Ambika why Gandhari hasn’t come .Ambika says that Dritrashtra has forbidden her.Ambalika says but she is the only married woman in the house hold she only has to welcome Kunti. If some other wonman welcomes it will be bad oman

At that time Gandhari comes and says she will not cause any bad omen. Gandhari does aarti for Pandu and Kinti. Gandhari gives her blessings to Kunti.

Shakuni tells Dhritrashtra to understand the pawns and tthrow the dice . All obstacles will be go away

Pandu asks for Dhritrashtra. Everyone keeps quite

Gandhari takes Kunti to temple and tells her all Daughters-In – Law keep their family God here. She tells Kunti to give her family God idol to Kripacharya for God invocation

Kunti asks Gandhari wht Dhriterashtra didn’t come to bless her? Pandu was talking only about him in the whole journey. She asks Gandhari that she has heard rumours in her hometown.Is there a problem between the brothers? Gandhari tells her there is no problem. Dhritrashtra loves Pandu.

Shakuni tells Dhritrashtra that he also hates Pandu. Pandy did his own dice game and became king. Now they have to defeat him

At that moment Pandu comes to Dhritrashtra’s room Shakuni sweet talks him . Pandu tells him that they were waiting for his blessings. Shakunbi says he didn’t come was his fault. He asked Dhritrashtra for one more game/ Pandy says you are very fond of the dices ? Shakuni says they are like his wives. Pamdu asks permission to bring Kunti but Shakuni says they should go themselves. Shakuni says Dhritrashtra will bless her tomorrow morning. Pandu leaves. Shakuni tells Dhritrashtra that you are learning.

Lord Krishna says mostly we tale decisions based on what others recommend. And our todays decisions make the foundation of our tomorrow. So should we make our tomorrow bases on what others say?

Think about it

People give different opinions according to what is in their heart . A righteous man will give righteous suggestions while a sinner will give sinful ones

Before accepting anyone’s suggestions we should look deep into the reason s of the suggestion and the heart of the giver of the suggestion

Kunti is taking rounds of the palace. In a [pool she sees the sa,e type of flowers that she had put in Karna’s basket. She becomes sad and remembers the promise she has made to her friend. It is making her guilty. Kunti thinks of telling Pandu.

At Adhirath’s house Radha is happy at what her son did. Adhirath says that if they had come to know who was the person who had come to welcome them they would have been displeased, Charioteers are not supposed to pick bow and arrow. Karna tries to argue that it is the work which is more important . Adhirath tells him not to argue. Doing someone else’s work leads to competition. King may not think it competition biut other Kshtriyas will. Still if you want to show off your skills do it. I and your mother will face the consequences.

Precap Kunti starts to tell Pandu..

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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