Mahabharat 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Mahabharat 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 10th February 2014 Written Update

It starts with the same scene where Kunti says that whatever Arjun has got will be shared equally. Everyone are shocked hearing this. Kunti is shocked to see it is a princess. She asks how can you all describe a girl as a dhan. Arjun says she was his Kanya Dhaan. He asks her that she asked them to share her but how can they. Kunti is speechless she looks at Draupadi. Draupadi runs out of there. Kunti calls her but she doesn’t stop.

Yudi tells Kunti that it was her mistake. She shouldn’t have said without looking. Kunti runs to Draupadi who is at the river side. She admits her mistake. But Draupadi tells what was her mistake. Kunti says that she should be subjected to Drauapdi’s wrath as it was her mistake. Draupadi comes down, she says it wasn’t her mistake. It wasn’t Kunti’s

mistake too.. Kunti promises to take back her words.

She comes back to her sons. All the five are staring in different directions. all the five are distraught.Kunti says she wants to take back her word. She asks Arjun to marry Draupadi immediately. Yudi says that Arjun has the duty to marry the princess.

Kunti and arjun look at him. Yudi continues. He says that the person who is in position to give orders should not spill words. Kunti comes to him. She says that now I am taking the words. He says that the words slipped cannot be taken back. This is a biggest dharmasangat for all the brothers. While Arjun should marry the princess, the other four should not and wont come even in front of the princess. This is for avoiding embarrassment for the princess.

Kunti starts to cry what should we do now… Yudi and Bheem tells that the four will take sanyas. That way everything will be resolved. Arjun is shocked. Kunti starts to cry.

At the river side Draupadi is waiting. Arjun comes to her. SHe asks if Kunti has spoken to them. Arjun asks for forgiveness and asks her to marry his elder brother. Draupadi says that it was he whom she garlanded. Arjun says that he doesn’t have an answer for this, may be this is destiny. Draupadi says destiny is what is destined and not forced and she wont accept it.

NOTE: A must watch episode… Today Yudi got such wonderful dialogues…For the first time, Arjun took a back seat today. .it was Yudi, Bheem, Draupadi and Kunti all the way

Draupadi tells Kunti she is ready to marry all her five sons..

Update Credit to: Abavi

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