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Udaan 6th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying this girl will run after car if she is Chakor. Chakor runs after the car asking him to stop. Bhaiya ji asks her to run to take churan to get her dad rid of wine. The churan packet falls and she gets it. She says Bhaiya ji left me here, I have to find some way. He sees the packet gone and asks driver to take car reverse. He thinks where did she go and leaves for haveli. He reaches the haveli and sees Chakor there.

He asks her how did she come so soon here. She gets tensed. He scolds her. Ranjana hears him. Bhaiya ji says don’t fool me, I know you are real Chakor. Chakor says yes, I m Chakor. She asks him to ask Ranjana. He turns and gets shocked seeing Ranjana. Chakor asks Ranjana to say that she is Chakor. Ranjana leaves. Chakor says Bhaiya ji is innocent,

that she is not Chunni or Chakor, but she knows his enemies. He says I doubt you have same habits like Chakor, I m doubting on your acting, how did you come here before me, as just Chakor can run so fast.

Chakor laughs and says you left me there alone and blaming me, uncle gave me lift and I reached here. She shows the man. He says it means you did not run and come. He sees the man at the gate. She says I can’t run, give money to the man, he is waiting outside. He gives her money. She says you are doubting on me, I will become Chunni. He asks her to be asks Chakor, he will not trouble her and sends her. He gets confused and leaves. Chakor thanks the man and gives him money. He says I don’t want. Chakor says Bhaiya ji gave it, take it. Bhaiya ji looks on and says I should not doubt on her, this is Chunni, not Chakor.

The man gives her slippers and asks why did she run without slippers after his bike. Chakor says I run very fast without slippers. Bhaiya ji recalls Chakor removing her slippers and running after his car before. The man leaves. Tejaswini gives him tea and says Lakhan has come to ask for his salary. Bhaiya ji sees Chakor wearing her slippers and doubts again. Tejaswini asks what is he saying. He says send someone to village and call Bhuvan, he will give salary to Bhuvan, and also give me answers. She says fine, I will call him. He does not drink tea and goes. She says what new game is going on in his mind.

Vivaan asks Choka what happened to you, I was thinking to make you Chakor and make you meet Kasturi. Chunni twists his hand. Ranjana asks how dare you Choka. Vivaan says I was playing. Ranjana asks what do you get playing with them, I m not seeing your sorrow for Chakor’s death, why do you look happy when Chakor got arrested. Vivaan says yes, I m upset, but what can we do, Chakor did crime and got punished. Ranjana says she came back, Bhaiya ji got her. Chunni asks what, did she come back. Vivaan asks Choka why are you happy. Ranjana asks him why is he upset. Vivaan says nothing. Chakor comes and says Vivaan is not upset, he is shocked. Chunni smiles seeing Chakor. Chakor tells Vivaan that she promised she will come back soon, so she has come back. He asks her to move her hand and is angry thinking she is Chunni. Chakor says get happy, I have come back. She says I m Chakor and holds him. Ranjana says leave his hand, and scolds Chakor.

Chakor stops Chunni from saying anything and takes her to terrace to talk. Chagan tells Kasturi that Chakor has come back. Kasturi gets glad. Chagan says Bhaiya ji got her back. Kasturi thanks Lord and is happy. Bhuvan says this happened because of me, I m serving Bhaiya ji, so he did favor on me. Kasturi says stop it, it happened because of my Chakor, she did not do any crime. Haveli man comes and asks Bhuvan to come, Bhaiya ji is calling him.

Chunni tells Chakor that its good you came back, your friends troubled me. She says Chunni would have not got love as Choka. Chakor says you don’t need to do anything as Choka or Chakor. Chunni says she can’t become Choka. Bhaiya ji comes there and they both get shocked.

Bhuvan and Kasturi ask the man whats the matter. The man says Bhaiya ji is very happy, Bhuvan has become special person for him and takes Bhuvan along. Imli says I m afraid. We can’t trust Bhaiya ji. Kasturi says you are right, I also feel the same. Bhaiya ji tells Choka to go, as Chakor is his bandhua, not his friend. Chunni leaves. Chakor acts as Chunni and says its good you have sent Choka, he always troubles me. Bhuvan comes there. Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that he has called Bhuvan here, there will be big scene here, you have to stay here and see. She asks what will you do with Bapu. He asks when did Bhuvan become your Bapu, you are not able to understand whats fake and true.

She says good you reminded I m Chunni, go and show the scene, I will stand here and see. She gets sad. Lakhan and Bhuvan come and see the bottle. Bhaiya ji says you both have link with this bottle. Lakhan asks for his salary. Bhaiya ji asks him to see Bhuvan. He asks Bhuvan does he want wine. Bhuvan says yes, I want wine. Bhaiya ji says I will give wine, but you have to do something.

Lakhan asks Bhuvan not to take wine, as he wants salary to feed his family. Bhuvan says you find other way to feed family, I want wine. Lakhan asks can’t he see Bhaiya ji is making us fight. Bhuvan asks him not to say word against Bhaiya ji. Chakor thinks Lakhan is right. Lakhan asks Bhuvan not to touch wine for his family. Bhuvan argues and Lakhan says he won’t let Bhuvan touch wine. Vivaan and Chunni also look on. Bhuvan pushes Lakhan and beats him with stick. Bhaiya ji sees Chakor. She smiles to act. Vivaan says we have to do something. Chunni says I don’t know what to do. He asks what happened to you, we will call Kasturi. Vivaan runs.

Bhuvan goes to get wine. Lakhan stops him. He asks Bhuvan not to take wine. Vivaan tells Kasturi and Kishori, that Lakhan and Bhuvan are fighting. Kasturi apologizes to Kishori. Kishori says I know Bhuvan is ill. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji the reason for this game. He smiles. Bhuvan and Lakhan fight. Bhaiya ji says its Chakor’s test and shows her. Chakor smiles. Tejaswini says you mean this Chunni. He says don’t know why I find Chunni’s bahevaior like Chakor. I know Chakor is doubt but… she asks is he getting mad again. He says its good to clear doubt. If she is Chakor, she will try to stop Bhuvan and Lakhan’s fight, lets see.

The villagers come there and see the fight. They all get worried. Chakor thinks what to do to stop this fight, Bhaiya ji will know I m Chakor if I stop them. She gets an idea. She sees Chilli powder and a fan near it. Kishori begs to Bhaiya ji asking them to stop them. He scolds her and asks her to run. Kishori tells Kasturi that she can’t see this. Kasturi asks them to stop fighting. Kasturi begs Bhaiya ji. Lakhan pushes Bhuvan. He beats on his leg to stop him. The villagers cry seeing the fight.

Chakor signs Chunni to hold her cap tight. Choka tells the plan to Vivaan, Chagan and Imli. They pass the plan to the villagers. Kasturi sees Chakor and says she will stop this fight. Lakhan asks Bhuvan to agree. Chakor signs them. They all close eyes. Chakor makes the chilli powder blow off by the fan. She smiles. The villagers close eyes. Bhaiya ji asks whats this. Everyone cough. They all shut eyes and leave. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini get away. Chakor aims and breaks the wine bottle. She asks Imli to catch it. Chakor says she will close the fan. Bhaiya ji sees the wine bottle broken and asks who broke it.

Imli says I broke this bottle, now there won’t be any fight. She scolds Bhuvan. Bhaiya ji gets imp call and asks all of them to get lost. Lakhan asks for his salary. Bhaiya ji goes. Chakor asks them to go. Kasturi thanks her. Imli asks Chakor how will this bad habit go. Chakor says I will make dad get rid of this wine addiction, I will meet later. The villagers leave.

Chakor asks Chunni to give this churan to Kasturi. Chunni asks will this affect. Chakor asks did you also drink wine. Chunni says I also know Dadagiri, I know as my landlord used to drink wine, the habit does not get off so easily. Chakor asks her to do this work, and they bet to have their identity of Chakor. Chunni and Chakor shake hands.

A lawyer calls Bhaiya ji and asks about Nayantara. He tells about papers made on Chakor’s name. Bhaiya ji says she has gone out, I will inform her. He gets angry and says he will win this game now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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