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The Episode starts with Chakor thinking of some way to help Bhagya and save her. She dresses as Chakor and stands behind the Lord idol to scare Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji sees her and throws the gun. Bhagya asks Bhaiya ji to shoot the gun. Vivaan says Devi gets angry by such thing happening in temple. Bhaiya ji stares at Chakor and tries to go there. Sunny comes in between and stops him. He asks can she see Chakor. Sunny says we have to do puja. Bhaiya ji says I m saying about Chakor, she is behind the idol see. Sunny does the puja and spreads smoke. Soham sends Tamasha to take Chakor. Bhaiya ji looks at her. Tamasha takes Chakor.

Bhaiya ji sees she has disappeared. Manohar asks what is Bhaiya ji saying. Bhaiya ji says he has seen Chakor. Amma says we all know she died. Bhaiya ji gets scared. Chakor dresses

as Choka and comes there. She laughs and asks Bhaiya ji did he go mad. Amma takes the kids inside and they laugh. Sunny says Bhaiya ji was taking Bhagya’s class and then Chakor took his class. Amma asks her to stop it. Chakor asks Amma to ask villagers. Amma says your Dadi knows, but she is not ready to tell me. Chakor says she will ask Dadi, see how I get truth out of her. They smile.

Dadi cries and prays to Lord. She says she feels Choka is second avatar of Chakor. Chakor comes there and looks on. She asks Dadi to tell Nayantara’s truth and speaks as if its Lord. Dadi says she will tell Nayantara’s truth. Chakor asks her the truth. Dadi asks is this your mischief. Chakor asks her who was Satya and who killed him. Dadi says Satya was my younger brother. She says Satya was killed by Bhaiya ji. She asks Choka not to tell this to anyone, this is good for everyone. Vivaan says it means Bhaiya ji killed Satya, how will we tell this to everyone. Chakor says just Chakor’s ghost can do this. Aditya comes and asks how shall I believe Chakor’s ghost, welcome back Chakor…. Chakor smiles. She hugs him and asks how did he know this. He says he has identified her long time back.

The kids meet at some place. Aditya tells the plan of ending Bhaiya ji’s leela by Chakor on Ramleela tomorrow. He says Bhaiya ji will admit how he has killed Satya and my dad. Chakor says Ishwar is not dead. He says we will make Bhaiya ji so scared that he will admit all his crimes.

Imli makes the food shares and asks Kasturi to have food. Chakor thinks Imli did not make Chakor’s share, she will solve the problem. Imli says I know I did not make Chakor’s share so mum is not eating food. Chakor looks on and cries. Kasturi now eats the food. She cries missing Chakor. Chakor thinks they will learn to be without her. Imli asks Chakor to go from there. Bhuvan gets up and asks for food. Imli says she can’t manage Bhuvan alone. Chakor laughs and says she will help her.

Bhaiya ji prays to Lord. The man comes and says you have to go for Ramleela inauguration tomorrow. Bhaiya ji scolds him and sends. Bhuvan asks someone to open the ropes, he has to go, he wants food and water. Bhuvan asks Imli to open the rope and not be with Chakor. Chakor makes him drink water and cleans his face. Bhuvan asks what are you doing, and looks at her. He says I want food. Chakor asks Imli to start. They make him eat food by their hands and laugh.

Chakor says now Bhuvan has no excuse to go haveli. Imli asks why did you call my dad Bapu…. Chakor says your dad is like my dad. Imli asks till when will this go on. Chakor says very soon, everything will be fine. Chagan says Bhaiya ji is not coming in Ramleela and tells the kids to ask the man to get it confirmed. They wonder what they will do now. Aditya talks to Abha and asks her to call police. She says I don’t know your plan, but fine I will call them. Chakor asks how will we call Bhaiya ji. Aditya removes her cap and specs and asks her to think as Chakor. She says she got the idea. They join hands.

Bhaiya ji asks who is in my room. Soham asks where is the rat Sunny, I will not leave and holds Bhaiya ji’s feet. Bhaiya ji asks them to call guard. Soham says I will see the rats. Bhaiya ji says I will give just 5mins to catch the rats. Chakor and Vivaan look on. Bhaiya ji sees Vivaan showing thumbs up and asks whats happening. Vivaan says water. Bhaiya ji thinks whats happening. The Ramleela starts and inspector says don’t know why Abha felt this function risky, so she called us, MP Bhaiya ji did not come. Aditya asks him to see Ramleela.

Sunny says she has done this, and Soham laughs saying rat. Bhaiya ji comes and Soham says he has caught all the rats. Bhaiya ji asks him to throw them out. Bhaiya ji opens cupboard and sees Chakor inside. He gets shocked as she asks who has killed Satya, Ishwar and her. Bhaiya ji calls out Girja. Girja asks what happened. Bhaiya ji asks her to keep file in cupboard. She keeps the file and shuts it. He asks did she see anything in cupboard. She says nothing. He gets scared and asks really. She says wait, I will show and opens cupboard. He asks her to go.

He says there is no one here, no ghost and laughs. He falls on the bed and sees Chakor again. He runs outside and Tejaswini says they are going in Ramleela. He thinks he can’t tell them, else they will laugh. He plays the tv. Sunny tells Soham that Chakor is ready. Soham plays dvd and it shows Chakor on tv. Bhaiya ji gets shocked. He calls Girja and asks her to see whats on tv. Girja sees news and tells him. He sees news and worries. He scolds Girja and sends her. He sees Chakor again and is terrified. He calls servant and asks him to see. The man says there is no one. Bhaiya ji gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor and goes after her. He calls out ghost. Chakor opens the gate and goes out. She sees he is following her and smiles. She brings him in Ramleela. Aditya thinks why did Chakor not come till now. The inspector says I have to go for some work. Bhaiya ji comes in Ramleela following Chakor. Soham, Sunny and Tamasha come after him. Aditya smiles and asks inspector to wait. Sunny says Aditya’s dad must be scientist, see he is so smart.

Bhaiya ji sees the play. Tejaswini says how did he come here. The inspector greets Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji sees Chakor dressed as
Ram. She says she will kill Bhaiya ji, and asks who has killed Satya, Ishwar and her. He gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji says I have killed Satya, I have killed Ishwar Rawat and even bandhua girl Chakor. The inspector says if this is true, we have to arrest you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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