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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying Vasundara has stolen Lord’s mukut. They all get shocked. Thapki says Vasundara has stolen it and kept it in her cupboard. She asks Vasundara did she not hide it in her cupboard. Vasundara gets tensed. Bau ji asks Thapki whom is she blaming. Dadi scolds Thapki for calling Vasundara a thief. Dhruv says Thapki, she is my Maa, think and say. Thapki says I have thought well, Maa has stolen it. Bihaan says you are unwell, come with me to room. Thapki says no, I will prove myself right, ask Maa am I saying anything wrong, did Vasundara not steal it and kept it in cupboard.

She says Vasundara did this to keep theft blame on me and prove me wrong. Bau ji says enough, Vasundara is foundation of this house, you are blaming Pandey family by blaming her, I will

not hear a word against Vasundara, else I will forget everything. Thapki argues and says Maa did wrong. Dhruv says Thapki. Thapki says shouting won’t change truth, if you don’t believe me, check her room, truth will be out.

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Bihaan and Dhruv say they will not check the room. Thapki says I won’t go, I did not say by all wrong blames, I will prove who is wrong and who is right, Maa’s room will be checked. Bau ji scolds her and says Vasundara’s room will not be checked. Dadi says her room will be checked, right now. Vasundara and Shraddha get shocked. Vasundara says Maa ji.. Dadi says I trust you, but not this girl, I will prove truth. Bihaan looks at Thapki.

Everyone go to check the room. Suman and Preeti search the room and do not get the Mukut. Thapki asks Preeti to check cupboard. Suman asks are you mad, why are you spitting poison, how can you ask us to search Vasundara’s cupboard. Thapki asks why, are you scared that Maa will be proved a thief, you said its gold mukut and its very costly, Maa will not keep it in open, if she has stolen it. Maa will keep it in cupboard. Dadi asks Suman to do what Thapki is saying, once let her do as she wants. Shraddha says but Dadi.. Dadi says check cupboard.

Suman and Preeti check the cupboard. Vasundara gets super tensed. Suman says see, we have checked well and did not get that gold mukut. Shraddha and Vasundara get shocked, and see each other. Thapki says no, check it well. Bihaan says enough Thapki. Suman asks Thapki to check herself. Bau ji says I did not expect this from you Thapki, you showed how much you value Vasundara, I regarded you daughter and you.. Dadi says we could not see her reality, we have seen her dark heart and our low respect in her heart. Dhruv says Thapki, I trusted you a lot, blaming Maa today, you ended everything.

Suman asks Thapki to say who else is thief in this house. Preeti says but mukut is not here, who has stolen it. Suman says Thapki would have stolen it, she is blaming Vasundara so that she does not get blame. Thapki asks what nonsense. Suman and Preeti ask Dadi to check Thapki’s room as well, the mukut will be there. Dadi says the one who can blame Vasundara can do anything. Thapki cries. They all go to her room. Vasundara and Shraddha get puzzled and go with them. Suman and Preeti check Thapki’s room.

Suman says mukut is not here. Thapki says it will not be found here, as Maa has hidden it somewhere. Preeti says we did not check her suitcase. Thapki stops them and says don’t touch my suitcase. Suman says why not, we will check it, why are you worried. They check her suitcase and get the mukut. Vasundara, Shraddha, Dhruv, Bihaan, and everyone get shocked seeing the mukut. Bau ji takes the mukut and shows Thapki. He says this is the mukut, what you want to say, if Vasundara has stolen this, how did this come in your suitcase. Thapki says Maa has stolen this in my suitcase to make me bad infront of everyone. Dadi slaps Thapki.

Everyone look on. Thapki holds her cheek and cries. Dadi looks at her angrily and scolds her for daring to blame Vasundara. She says you ended my husband’s last sign/ashes and now you want to ruin our respect by blaming Vasundara. She says don’t know what was the inauspicious time that your unlucky steps came in this house, you are doing all wrong, none can harm this house till I m here. I will not let your heart blackness get on my house’s respect, we were upset for the bad happened with you in this house, we did not know you will take revenge from us, you can’t stay here in this house now, you have to leave this house right away. They all get shocked.

Bihaan says Dadi Maa… Dadi says I have decided, either Thapki will stay here or I. Dadi asks does anyone have objection with my decision, tell me. Bau ji says maybe your decision for this house is right. They all get shocked. Everyone leave. Suman asks Thapki to take her bag and leave. Vasundara looks at Thapki and leaves. Thapki cries. Thapki pyaar ki…. Plays………..

Constable says why is it so silent here today, where did Diwakar go. Diwakar comes and asks him to check the items. He gives a biscuit pack to constable. He goes inside and says you did not check this kerosene oil bottle, I will keep this in Krishnakant’s room. He goes to keep the bottle in Krishnakant’s room. He laughs and says now I will blame them infront of constable, that they will burn me, then constable will call inspector, and they will get arrested.

Thapki packs her bags. Bihaan asks her why did she do this. She says what I did is right, now truth is out. He says that was not truth, I know you are lying, what are you hiding, tell me, did Shraddha do anything, answer me. He says where there is proof, there are no question and answers, I did this by my wish.

She asks him to go, as she has to pack her bag and leave. He goes. She cries seeing the lord idol. Shraddha taunts Bihaan and asks why are you sad, its happy day for Thapki and me, have sweets, Thapki made her way on her own, now even Lord can’t help her, when she was is going, why shall we fight, we shall end our enmity and forwards hand. He says I don’t shake hands seeing situation, but by seeing person’s heart. He throws the sweets and leaves. She thinks how did the mukut go in Thapki’s bag, why shall I worry, its time to celebrate Thapki’s exit.

Vasundara wonders how did the mukut go in Thapki’s bag, when it was in my room. Thapki comes and says I have kept mukut in my bag. Vasundara says what nonsense. Thapki says I heard everything, I did this for your happiness, you wanted everyone to hate me, they kick me out of this house, then no one miss me after I leave, why did you not tell me, what is the need for you to do bad things to make me bad, you are Maa, I know Maa can never do wrong, I m saying truth, if I knew this, I would have gone from this house, everyone hates me now, I m not upset, I m happy that I could give you what you wanted, I don’t have any complains, when I came in this house, you are still same with same respect in my eyes, I have created hatred in everyone’s heart but I can never hate anyone from this family. She cries seeing a family pic. She says I know Maa that I m out of everyone’s hearts, but you all will be always there in my heart, I know I will not be forgiven in this house, but give me this photo please, I will take it with me, I know no one will miss me here, but I want to take these loved one with me. She asks Vasundara shall I take this, I came here leaving my parents, but I did not miss them, as I had you, I don’t know what will I do when you will not be around me after I leave from here, I regarded you more than my Maa, can I hug you once, please, then I will leave forever. Vasundara gets teary eyed. Thapki hugs her and cries. Shraddha comes and looks on shocked.

Thapki goes and asks Shraddha to take care of this family, and especially Maa. She leaves. Shraddha thinks did Thapki do emotional drama, did Vasundara melt, I have to do something. She goes to Vasundara and asks about Thapki. Vasundara says she was acting, she was crying and pretending, so that my heart melts and I stop her from leaving, but I m not a big fool to come in her words always. Shraddha says thank God, I felt you have forgiven her. Vasundara says I have seen her truth when you showed me the poison truth, I don’t care if Thapki goes, we will go downstairs and send her well. They go downstairs.

Thapki comes downstairs with her bag and family pic. She goes to Dadi. Dadi does not bless her. Thapki says I broke your trust and hurt your heart, forgive me if possible. She goes to Bau ji and you regarded me your daughter, I want to say which I could not tell you ever, thank you Bau ji for respecting me, making me your daughter, making me part of this family, you gave me place to live when I had no reason to stay here, you supported me, you know whatever you did for me, my thanks would be less. She apologizes and cries, seeing Bau ji turn his face. She says Suman and Preeti did not make me miss Aditi, I got much love from you both, if I have hurt you unknowingly, forgive me. Shraddha thinks Thapki should get out soon without wasting time.

Thapki says I will go, and takes the family pic. Bihaan and everyone look on. Thapki starts leaving, and stumbles. Bihaan runs to her. Dhruv looks on. Bihaan holds her and her bag. He says Thapki, you won’t go alone, I will go with you. They all get shocked.

Vasundara brings Bihaan’s bag and asks him to leave, no one will stop him. She says let him go, as he does not see pain in our eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. After a long tme, so happy for today episode…exciting for coming episodes…bcoz i am irritate of fool thapki mahaatma behaviour…now i am so so happy…bihaan rockzzzzzzzzzzz today…he is only person having brain and sense in ds home…full pandey family s idiots including dhruv also…now time waste to show pandey house…better 1 week pls sont show pandey & krishnkant house….only show thahaan new home………..its feeling good……

  2. I m watching TPK maha episode now and I must say Thapki just nailed today’s episode well done Thapki, after many days I liked thapki today even though she did this as she is mahaan atma the way she said vasundhara stole the crown n took stand for herself well done thapki

  3. It Nice to see thabihan finally out of pandey House …

  4. Common too rude and saddening for thapki.. Now it’s high time table should take a turn and shraddha’s and vasu ‘s truth should be exposed in front of whole family any how .. Hopefully shraddha should get out of that home very soon by vasu and family members ..I really hate shraddha to the bottom ..

  5. atleast now the writers can expose thapki’s marriage truth to her so that she can discover bihan’s innocence n start loving him without any hesitation.none of the secrets are revealed to the family till now.its too much dragging. pls show thahaan’s house only till the valentine week is not over n let their love blossom.

  6. Thanks go…………..dddddddddd
    I hope
    Finally THAHAAN story starting …..
    my question
    Who open two evil real face … lovely BIHAAN leave the house ..

  7. Waiting for todays epi

  8. Bihaan and thapki will live in a chawl now….in a small house…thapki will want to go back at her house but bihaan will tell her dat he will also go wid her to her house…so thapki says yes to stay with her in the chawl…now it will be gr8 to c thahaan love as now their love track will start…as its obvious by d trailer n d situation in which they r now….eventually they will fall in love in this difficult time….thahaan u rockzzzzz….thapki ur being mahaan aatmaa is irritating but if i look at this side in which now u r alone wid bihaan n helping eachother in dis situation…dan its worth u being mahaan aatmaa….thahaan rockzzzzzz

    1. Wow that would be great, finally hopefully TPK is back

  9. B for BHIHAAN PANDY aur B for BAAHAR jayega……..!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  10. I think that Vasu encourages Bihaan to leave with Thapki making Dhruv to forget Thapki or get jealous. Vasu brings Thahaan together closely..

  11. olawunmi Ogunnupe

    Why not submitted the film in English

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