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Scene 1
Kunj pushes Yuvi away and says enough, Twinkle might be your gf but you cant force her for marriage, till girl doesnt give her consent, boy should not force her for marriage, you should know that as boy, Yuvi is about to punch him but Twinkle comes inbetween and saves Kunj, Yuvi says i am giving you time till tonight after that you will do what i want, do you agree? she says yes, i will talk to Leela in mata ki chowki, you leave, Yuvi smirks and thinks that its about tonight only then you will be mine, he leaves, kunj says to Twinkle that open your eyes, he left leaving you alone here, the one who love doesnt leave person in new city like this, Twinkle says you wont understand, Yuvi loves me like crazy so he gets possesive, he cant live without me, Kunj thinks that this girl is madly

in love that she cant see anything, he prays to Lord that help her, if she gets decieved in love then she wont be able to bear it.
Leela is waiting for Twinkle, she says Kunj is not picking call too, Usha says i am woried what if Yuvi and Twinkle do something with Kunj? Manohar says dont say like this, Leela says please dont say things like these for Twinkle, Kunj and Twinkle enters house with idol, all are happy to see them, Bubbly says i knew you both would be together, Leela says to Twinkle that you could have called us, that Anita was saying that you have affair with his son Yuvraj, you ranaway with him to do marriage, Twinkle is shocked, Leela says tell everyone that its a lie, Twinkle is silent, Kunj says this is a lie, we thought to bring idol together, she lost her phone so we couldnt call you, Manohar scolds Kunj and says you should have informed us that Twinkle is with you, its your fault, Raman says leave all this, thing is Twinkle and Kunj are fine and together, Pinni thinks that Twinkle is so much stressed, there is something fishy, Leela thinks Twinkle was with Kunj but i am worried, i have to talk to her.
Mata ki chowki starts, Preeto comes there with Jaswendar, Leela welcomes here and says we all are waiting to listen bhajans in your voice.
Anita slaps Yuvi and says you failed again? i was going to get arrested today, the day is not far when Leela will make me go in jail, you are good for nothing, you cant take revenge for me, they listens Bhanjan from Leela’s house.
Jaswendar starts singing, all are enjoying in Leela’s house.
Twinkle is in her room and says did Yuvi tell his mother about us? time has come, i will tell everything to my mother today.
Anita says to Yuvi that i cant rely on you now, i will tell Leela’s family that you have affair with Twinkle and also everything happened between you both which happens between husband and wife, Yuvi says nothing like that happened between us, Anita says i will destroy Leela with this lie.
Leela is in mata ki chowki, she is tensed recalling Anita’s words, Raman finds her tensed too, Leela thinks how to leave Jagrata? but i have to talk to Twinkle, she leaves, Raman thinks that i have to talk to Leela and calm her down.

Scene 2
Twinkle is coming down in jagrata, she finds Leela talking to Raman, she says to Raman that i am tensed what if Anita was saying truth? i cant think Yuvi and Twinkle have.. Raman says why you are thinking like that? Leela says i know this is not true but what if i get to know about Yuvi and Twinkle’s affair then i will die, i cant think that this can be truth, Twinkle thinks in what situation i am stuck, Raman finds Twinkle standing there, he ask her to come, Raman says i will see arrangements, he leaves, Leela stares Twinkle, she says to Twinkle that i wanna talk to you, Twinkle thinks that i cant hurt my mother, i cant lie nor i cant say truth, Bubbly comes and takes Twinkle with here, Leela says what has happened to Twinkle? why she is silent? she didnt even ask me what i wanna talk to her, if she is hiding something? is she avoiding me? is my fear true?
Bhajans are going on in jagrata, Usha prays that something happens in this Jagrata that Twinkle’s truth comes out in open and i save my Kunj from destroying his life, Anita comes in Leela’s house and says to Mata Rani that i have come to ask you something, complete my wish of maligning Twinkle and Leela’s respect, Pinni sees her and says what she is doing here? but all are welcome in Mata’s jagrata, Anita comes to Usha and says listen to me carefully, whatever i said about Twinkle is all true, i have proofs too, first Twinkle trapped Yuvi and now she is trapping Kunj, after Jagrata i will give you some proofs in red envelope, end this relation after getting proofs, my son is destroyed, save your son, Anita thinks that i know Usha doesnt like Twinkle thats why she had hired detective too, Twinkle comes there and is shocked to see Anita there, Kunj is stunned to see her too, Anita leaves, Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Anita is leaving when she meets Leela, Anita ask why you are stunned to see me? you didnt invite me, Leela says no one need invitation in Mata’s chowki, even sinners can come here, Anita says did you sinner daughter cameback? she needs blessing more than anyone else, Leela says enough, if you say anything agains tTwinkle then i will not leave you, i trust my Twinkle, Anita says you have doubt on your daughter which you are denying, you can have trust for this night as from tomorrow you life is going to change.
Kunj says to Twinkle that how Anita knows about your affair with Yuvi? how will you control damage? Twinkle says i dont know what is happening, i went to pacify Yuvi and here so much happened, i am worried what if after knowing truth Leela takes some drastic step? Manohar comes to Twinkle and says i need favor from you, i have done deal, its papers are coming, can you put them in Mata’s mandir with your hands? Twinkle says sure.

Scene 3
Anita sends her man with envelope and says a lady(Usha) will come to take this, give it to her, he leaves.
Jaswendar says to Kunj and Twinkle that you both are going to do marriage, so put this Chunri on mata together, twinkle takes Chunri from her and slips, Chunri falls on Kunj and Twinkle’s head, both share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, Pinni thinks they are close to each other infront of all, no shame, Kunj takes of Chunri, Jaswendar says mata has given her blessing to you both, you both will be happy together for life, Kunj and Twinkle puts Chunri on mata rani, Leela comes to Twinkle and takes her from there.
Anita calls Usha and says my assistant is waiting outside house, he has red envelope, take it from him, after that you know what you have to do, she ends calls, Usha says its about little time then i wil bring Twinkle’s truth to everyone.
Leela brings Twinkle to corner, she says i had asked you earlier too but you didnt answer, tell me truly you and.. Kunj comes there and says sorry i came at wrong time, mother daughter emotional scene was going on, he wipes Leela’s tears and ask what is the tension? you trust me? Leela says i trust you the most, i know Twinkle cant get better life partner than you, Kunj says then stop crying and come with me, Twinkle can stay here but you are needed in Jagrata, he takes from there, she turns to look at Twinkle who smiles at him.
A man gives envelope to Usha, Kunj comes there and ask what you are doing here? what is in envelope? she says nothing, he says all are waiting, Usha says first i will check envelope then i will tell truth to everyone, Manohar finds envelope in usha’s hands, he says how dare you touch this envelope? Gurji said that only Twinkle will touch it, you have spoiled everything, he takes envelope from her, someone strikes with Manohar, envelope falls from his hands and falls on diya in mandir, it gets burned, usha thinks that the only proof got burned too. Man gives Manohar’s papers to Twinkle. Manohar is scolding Usha, Twinkle comes there with papers, he says if papers are with you then what was in that envelope? he says leave it, he ask Twinkle to put in Mandir.
Anita calls Usha and says you must have seen that papers, when you are going to bring Twinkle’s truth infront of everyone? Usha says the got burned before i could see it, Anita says no worries, i have sent you ace card now.
Jagrata is going on, Twinkle is doing aarti, Yuvraj comes there, he stares Twinkle and stand beside her, she is stunned to see him, all are shocked, Twinkle keep looking at Yuvi, Yuvi is about to hold Twinkle’a hand but Kunj comes and holds Twinkle’s hand, he does Aarti with her while Yuvi looks at them, Anita comes there too, Yuvi goes back and stand with Anita, Twinkle emotionally looks at him, Leela notices all this, she comes to Twinkle, angrily holds her hand and drags her from there, Twinkle stops and looks at Yuvi, Leela takes her from there, Yuvi and Anita leaves, Kunj completes aarti and doesnt find Twinkle beside him, he goes to search her.
Leela brings Twinkle in room and says i dont need any discussion, just tell me if you have affair with Yuvi or not? just say yes or no, Twinkle says we will sit and talk, Leela says you will not tell me like this, she brings poison and says if you dont answer in yes or no then i will give my life, Twinkle thinks that if i tell her truth then she will give her life, i cant lose my mother for Yuvi, i cant lose her for anyone, Leela says i dont wanna listen long story, tell me answer, Twinkle says i will tell you, Leela says no i will drink poison, she opens bottle and says let me die, you wont tell me truth, Twinkle tries to stop her, Twinkle takes bottle from her and drinks whole bottle of poison, Leela is shocked and says what you did Twinkle, have you gone mad? i am sorry, Twinkle faints, Leela shouts for Pinni and Raman, Kunj comes there and is shocked, Leela says she drank poison, this all happened because of me, Kunj takes Twinkle in his arms and leaves for hospital with Leela.
Anita says Yuvi that we didnt have to do anything, Twinkle drank poison, she will die and our revenge will complete, Yuvi says no she cant die, she has to live, i cant let her die so easily, i want to kill her with pain, we have bear so much pain for years, i will take revenge for that from Twinkle and her mother and for that Twinkle has to become fine.
Kunj says to Leela that dont worry, nothing will happen to Twinkle.

PRECAP- Twinkle is brought to hospital, doctor says if she doesnt get concsiousness in 4 hours then it will be difficult for Twinkle, Leela says i know what to do. Leela comes Mandir and start climbing stairs otherside Twinkle fights with death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    I can’t believe how cheap thought this Yuvi….Twinkle try to understand this yuvi..

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    1. I do believe that Kunj will fall for Twinkle.Nice Jodi-Twinuj

      1. He has to fall for her or else she’ll be lost when she realises Yuvi lied to her. She needs someone to bring her back from that misery.

  5. Disgusting uv

  6. love u kunj

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    You have to stay alive for your mother, Kunj and me(your VIF)
    Your very Important Fan (VIF)

  12. twinkle plz open u a eyes and si it 4 u a self that kunj is there 4 u in every situation u are in while uv is never there 4 u when u are strugling 4 ua life and be coz of him plz understand and teach him a lesson that no man will ever play with a girls emotins/feelings

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